Chocolates are overflowing in so many places, but luckily not our house. We do have our fair share of them, but bless me, I am sensible enough not to finish them at one go. Still, I will ALWAYS have a very good and valid excuse to have them, and that is Aidan can’t have too much πŸ˜›Β  What a good mum won’t sacrifice for her son? Hahahahaa!

Term One school holidays started last Monday, but before school term ended, they went on an excursion to a beach. So, most of their themes done around songs and projects were, naturally, on sea creatures. And this was what Aidan brought home.

Sea urchin or more like sea monster?


He has been very, very naughty as well. It is my fault to have introduced him to my Nintendo DS. He has been asking to play with it the moment he wakes up, the moment we walk into our house, and refusing to go out. I am at the moment limiting his playtime with it, just because it’s the school holidays, but starting next week, I will have to keep the NDS altogether from him. No more during the weekdays. And what reaction did I get from him?

Naughty Mama, you are rude. Don’t take away MY Nintendo. You go to Mrs. Tuck’s office! (Mrs. Tuck is his Prep teacher and sends naughty children into her office)

Well, whadday make of that?! I was afraid he couldn’t catch up at school and what have we here! A smarty-mouth that irks me to no end half of the day.

Aidan is obsessed with MY Nintendo DS. And ever since I bought the R4 card, which holds about 70 games, he couldn’t get enough of Mario.

I would allow him to play in the evenings after dinner, and longer hours during the weekends, but he asked my permission for ‘Mario’ one morning before going to school. I said no. No Nintendo in the morning.Β  He understood and made no fuss. I guess he was just trying his luck.
After he came back from school, right after he took off his shoes, he asked for ‘Mario’ again. I said no. Not right after school. He had to get changed, a little snack. Basically I just wanted him to chill out and not jump into any computer games. Goodness! Much later when I have finished preparing dinner and int he shower, getting ready for work, he popped his head in to ask if he could have ‘Doggie’ and I thought it was late enough, I said okay. See, I have a virtual golden retriever named Mike. Aidan must have thought I didn’t allow him to play with Mario so he changed his tactic.

When I got out from the shower, I heard the game he was playing with and it was Mario.

Where’s the doggie, Aidan?

(Maybe he decided when he picked up the NDS console, he changed his mind and played with Mario instead of Nintendog. Or, he thought he was caught in a lie) And the answer?

Doggie said goodbye to me.

Which is which? You go figure!

But I must say, I am immensely pleased!Β  Well, not that he has learned to lie, but it showed he had an action plan! Yeay! Kick-a**!

That was the question Aidan asked me about the car.


Mama, caterpillar. Living, or non-living?

Living. Why Aidan?

It moves.

Mama living or non-living?

Living, of course! Haha… why?

You breathe.

Aaahhh… the nice things they teach in prep.

Thomas, living, or non-living?


No, it’s living.

Thomas is an engine. Engines are non-living.


It moves.

Wow….. good thinking Aidan. The fuel to his brain is starting to fire up. I am pleased.

As of now.

I thought hard about deleting it, but upon reading back the old archives, there are so, so, so many memories.And so I won’t.

Still, I won’t be adding anymore to this blog, unless something special, to me that is, or some rantings I need screaming out.

Hence, thank you all, for keeping this blog company for so long. I won’t ask you to check back once in a while now. It is becoming tedious for me to keep up with two blogs. You’d think I will have more time to myself when Aidan is in Prep. Yes, actually, I do. Some of the time I have given to the school to help with voluntary work. Plus I can spend more time at the gym. Plus putting a little bit more effort into cooking.

Aidan is doing great in Prep. He is loving it so far, and I am glad he comes home with a big appetite. In fact, despite the warnings I have been given that kids their age will lose some weight, he has gone a little ‘meatier’.

Take care all. Ciao, adios, au revoir, until then.

It has been a difficult week for me to have access to WordPress. Every single time when I tried to upload a photo, it will either be super slow or nothing at all. Almost gave up.

Here is my little Aidan, only not so little any more, starting his first day of Prep. That was last Monday. Everything went fine. More photos here


My little baby is a Preppy now. And even outgrew his new uniforms, where I had to bring some back to the shop and exchange for the next size up. Everything was fine, he loved it. I suppose every parent will be worrying about how tired their child/ren will be, I am no exception. But it was I who needed more sleep than ever! Having to work till late night and to get up early in the morning, after three days, I was exhausted. I have to admit I was hitting the gym as well, so by the fourth day, after sending him to school, I came straight home to sleep.

I am also starting my fortnightly Wednesdays off, and I am looking forwards to a longer break this week. I realize I won’t be spending much time with him during the weekdays, where I pick him up from school, come home, and get ready for work myself. Not much bonding time there.Hence, I’ve opt for this solution.

We will see how the the couple of weeks will go. The novelty seems to be wearing off and he was already wanting to do something else other than going to Prep EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY. πŸ™‚

Anak nak kontainer makanan yang ada wayang ‘KERETA’ nu, I ingat, boleh jugak, besok dia pergi sekolah, biar ler. Bagi dia syok sikit bila ke sekolah. Abang I ni tanya panjang-banyak. Betui nak ke, kat rumah takde kontainer ke, tak boleh guna yang putih-putih ke, (yang kita selalu dapat bila tapau).

Lapan ringgit je, bang. Tutup mata beli lar. Yang tanya punya tanya ni, buat apa. Anak sorang saje, takkan beli sekali-sekala bagi dia indulge sikit pun tak boleh? I nak beli pun, kena jawab banyak-banyak.

Hampir nak ketuk kepala batu nu!!

Moo! It’s the year of the Ox, albeit a slow one, for me that is, to be wishing everyone on the 5th day. Still, MMOOOOO!!!!

We entered this new year with fairly hot weather. I remember the chillier days a few years back, but THIS! This, is just HOT. Today is the third day in a row that the weather has risen about 43 degree Celsius. I have been ditching, as I have mentioned in my other blog, my hubby and my bed to sleep with Aidan, just because the evaporative cooler is in his room. In the previous years, it took about 2-3 days for the water in that cooler to be used up. Last night, I topped it up before going to sleep at about 1am, and it has already dried up before we woke up at 8am.

We took refuge at the shopping centre yesterday. So did everyone else. Hence it wasn’t that cooling after all. We again took refuge at a much cooler place earlier this arvo at the pool. Still full of people, but at least it was only half of them. The reason being some schools have already started yesterday. Imagine everyone still on holidays.

My jaw is in pain right now. Aidan jumped for the first time in the large pool, and I was afraid he couldn’t find his footing. Obviously, it was my fault. I hovered frantically over him, trying to find his hands so I could pull him up. He did find his footing, and pushed himself up, while my chin was right under his head. Slam! I swore that would have dislocated my jaw! He rubbed his head, I rubbed my chin, but I didn’t tell him how painful that was. For a while I was in a daze.


Aidan received a letter in the postbox today, addressed to him. I showed him the letter and asked him to read who’s name is written down. He recognized his own name, and asked if he could open it.

Inside, was a lovely note from both his kinder teachers, Mrs. McIvor and Mrs. Staffieri, along with these photos taken the whole year round. This one is Teddy Bear Picnic with Dinesh and Easter Day with Justin.


Kinder activities include puppet shows and hatching eggs to little chicks.


Playground and role plays.


Loving the outdoor.


And his birthday cupcakes.


Aidan’s best friend at kinder, Dinesh, who unfortunately for Aidan, most of his kinder friends will be going to another Prep.


Lovely pictures to cherish.

I had a sickening headache from the tensed jaw yesterday. Having a root canal done was bad enough, but to drive Aidan to a play program while feeling like chucking up is another. Woke up with the headache, and slept most of the day with it too. Codeine and ibuprofen was supposed to give me pain relief, but too much of the latter causes fluid retention, and it’s usually right at my head, where I can feel my eyes buldging and brain floating.

After an hour’s nap, I went to pick Aidan up again, not feeling any better. I reckoned if I had a fuller stomach, perhaps I wouldn’t feel as lousy. So I asked if he would like to go to Macca’s. No prize in guessing the very obvious answer. All the way, in the car, he was calling out for me, wanting to chat. I gave the occasional ‘Mm hmm‘ but at last I had to tell him to stop.


Because Mama is having a headache. My head is very painful.

Mama head pain pain. You have to go see doctor.

Yes, bubba. I may have to see a doctor.

After a moment of silence, he said After go doctor first, then we go Donalds.

My sweet little darling πŸ™‚ and a wee bit silly too πŸ˜›


Gosh, I didn’t realize I was away from this blog for so long.

The holiday break was good. In fact, itΒ  was great. Aidan had so much fun, with the arrival, and now back to Hong Kong, of his ‘kai yeh’ (godfather), bearing gifts from himself and a whole load of friends over there. Travelling was mostly on the agenda, to:

Philip Island


Spending time with Miguel


Spending time with ‘Kai Yeh’


More beaches




I guess that’s enough pics for now. Max has taken hundreds of them and I will have to find time to sort them out.

Till then, I hope everyone had a great year. If not, may this year be a much better, joyous and healthier one for you.