I had a sickening headache from the tensed jaw yesterday. Having a root canal done was bad enough, but to drive Aidan to a play program while feeling like chucking up is another. Woke up with the headache, and slept most of the day with it too. Codeine and ibuprofen was supposed to give me pain relief, but too much of the latter causes fluid retention, and it’s usually right at my head, where I can feel my eyes buldging and brain floating.

After an hour’s nap, I went to pick Aidan up again, not feeling any better. I reckoned if I had a fuller stomach, perhaps I wouldn’t feel as lousy. So I asked if he would like to go to Macca’s. No prize in guessing the very obvious answer. All the way, in the car, he was calling out for me, wanting to chat. I gave the occasional ‘Mm hmm‘ but at last I had to tell him to stop.


Because Mama is having a headache. My head is very painful.

Mama head pain pain. You have to go see doctor.

Yes, bubba. I may have to see a doctor.

After a moment of silence, he said After go doctor first, then we go Donalds.

My sweet little darling 🙂 and a wee bit silly too 😛