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For a boy like Aidan who is slow in understanding, he responds well to visual clues such as pictures, or cartoons he watches on telly or his dvds.

His speech pathologist Robyn has suggested on working with him more on pictures of any kind. Books, cut outs, magazines, etc. Therefore we came up with the idea of making something from home, adapted from researches and positive findings on programs for children with extra needs. So, firstly, I transformed this noticeboard to be Aidan’s personal.

A plain background, and lines of velcro, sticking whatever that is relevant for the day.

I have been printing pics and words, and will be taking more photos of daily activities. Aidan actually understands more of the things I tell him, but I want to give this a try anyway. It doesn’t hurt at all and although it does take a little work, but not at all expensive to create. Of course, laminator courtesy of my school mate. The only thing that cost the most is the portable one. I bought this at the spur of the moment, but now I am not so sure if Aidan needs this at all. It cost me $26.00. I wouldn’t say it’s a waste of money, although now that I have seen it I could have easily made one myself, heh.

 For example, here it says, reading/drawing/colouring (table top activities first), the play, e.g. his V-tech game. Once he has done his table top activity, that picture will be put under the ‘Finished’ page. No playing at the sandpit today as it was cold outside.

So, yeah, something like that. He has been great at kinder so far, and the teachers are also taking my cues making sure he makes eye contact when they talk to him, or when he greets or say goodbye to them.

I really hope he can go to Prep next year and having said that, I will be going to St. Mary Magdalene’s again one of these days to pay a deposit for next year’s enrolment.

Meet Noodles, our weekend visitor from kinder.

Well fed, well loved, eat lots, poo lots. Here we are, I mean, here I am, changing his strawbed, and Wilkin actually suggested that I should let it run a bit as it looks REALLY unhealthy, e.g. Obese. Still didn’t manage to get Aidan to put it on his laps, but at least he wasn’t as afraid, and volunteered to feed it, as in just putting the cabbage, carrot or lettuce leaves into the cage.

And I am telling you, Noodles can really eat! But because I was told I don’t have to give it water, I suppose it is essential for the hamster to get it through the veggies.

Oh, by the way, that is Jack Aidan was holding, a new addition to his Thomas collection. We went to Chaddy and Aidan wanted to go to ToysRUs. I am telling you, he knows his way around there. I thought, it was some time that we bought him a new train, so we obliged. I found Percy with sound and lights, but couldn’t find the price for it and thought to myself, it couldn’t be too expensive right? After all, we got Troublesome trucks with sound and it was a double carriage, and it cost $20, before discount. I told Wilkin we would do a price check, if it was more than $20, we won’t get it, but I doubted the price would be that much.

Imagine my shock when it rang up $26.99, and my manners flew out the windows. I just forgot to thank the cashier, and said No! We are so not getting that! Gotta laugh at myself now. I thought I was prepared for it. Lucky thing Aidan wasn’t too fussy and settled for Jack, just as long he has a new engine.

Aidan has been coming home with new songs from kinder such as Are you sleeping and When the kangaroo comes marching in. They learn new alphabets every second day or so, with colour themes incorporated into it, and also numbers. Of course, he can’t really sing the whole song, and mumbled a little along, but thank goodness he isn’t tone deaf. Takes after me, heh, so I know which song he learnt.

But there was one, I couldn’t catch on and it goes something like:

Ma sa ma ching mm… mm… mm…

Ma sa ma ching mm… mm… mm…

And I finally got it when he brought his ‘work’ home. And obviously, WordPress only allows YouTube to be posted here, eh. But I don’t quite like posting it there, so, hop to my other blog or click here to see what he is actually singing, plus a belated CNY wish. Note the slang he has on the dollar part. Hahaha!

No kinder on Monday, too hot to go out at 34 degree Celsius, and what do you do at home?

While Mama is slaving away vacuuming the house, someone is just relaxing. Ah well….. it is his right, eh?

My Valentine card from my little bubba.

The kinder got the children to do some threading work for the borders on Tuesday, which proved to be quite difficult for some. Today they did the drawing and painting. This is Aidan’s first Sun, first XO, and a complete drawing of ‘ME’. I am so proud 🙂

Yesterday they did cutting and pasting of a mushroom. Very good with the cutting of the yellow part (the stem was provided) considering Aidan was using his left hand. And he decided to make a Happy Mushroom instead of a spotted one.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, little bubby 🙂

There was a time when Aidan just said NO.

I thought that was rude, and taught him to say No, thank you if he was offered something and he didn’t want it. Then he started saying No, thank you to almost every question we asked him.

Do you need to go to the toilet?

No, thank you.

Aidan, no more TV till you finished your dinner!

No, thank you!

Bedtime Aidan.

No, thank you!

I don’t hear it anymore. Not at least for the past few days. Now it’s:

Do you need to go wee wee?

Ah ah.

Aidan, finish your food first, then play Winnie Pooh (V-Tech game) okay?

Ah ah.

It’s late now, Aidan. Time to sleep.

Ah ah.

Come to think of it, there isn’t any YES from him too. I thought I just heard him say Uhuh today.

Now which kid at school doesn’t use words? I certainly will not teach him these lazy terms! Sigh…

It’s just a phase, it’s just a phase, it’s just a phase….

 Firstly, KUNG HEI FATT DAI CHOY to everybody! May the Year of the Rat bring you all good fortune, great health and happiness!

Aidan’s first week went along just fine.

I am really glad that he settled in well. Apart from not eating fruits at all, at least he eats his cheese stick at snack time. Many commented that his kinder is very strict, but it is okay with me. We are only allowed cut-up ready to eat fruits, apart from bananas and grapes, of course, and cheese sticks. I guess they didn’t want any mess with yoghurts and purees.

My colleague just mentioned to me earlier tonight at work, that she did Fruit Duty at her son’s kinder today, and she was disgusted at how some parents never listen and can be so ignorant. They were specifically given instructions not to bring anything with nuts for their children, because there are two boys in the class who are allergic to them, one particularly to hazelnuts. It is no joke, some children can go into anaphylactic shock just by touching them. Anyway, other parents are packing their children’s snack boxes with commercial fruit juices, lollipops, chocolate bars, and today, one child sat next to this boy who is allergic to hazelnut, with a Nutella sandwich.

Children can be forgiven for not knowing, as this child actually offered the boy some of his food! Obviously the parents couldn’t care less with the school’s regulations and the welfare of other kids. It was a good thing though this boy was taught not to accept any food from anyone because of his condition. In any case, it is only snack time, for goodness sake, and school is only about three hours. Why the parents packed the snack box to the brim is beyond our comprehension. Don’t their children get breakfast at home?

Coming back to Aidan, he is allergic to walnuts. Anyway, I hope he will learn to eat some fruits sometime this year. As of now, cheese stick is better than nothing.  

Aidan wanted chocolate fingers for breakfast.

No, Aidan. You cannot have that for breakfast.

Pouted, and tried to hit me, a very hesitant and gentle one. It was like he wanted to act like me, but was afraid I would reprimand him, yet did it.

Hey. No hitting Mummy, eh?

He ran out to the living room, and came back into the kitchen a few seconds later.

Puppy smack smack. (His toy puppy)

He took Puppy‘s hand, or legs or paw, which ever suits you, to touch my hand, as if Puppy was hitting me.

So, if Aidan can’t smack me, whatever gave him the idea Puppy can??! Wonder where he got the idea from.