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I bribed Aidan with a Slurpee to have his hair cut.

It doesn’t look long to me, but his head looked a bit like a coconut shell to me! I didn’t want to attempt doing it myself again, as I realized the Number 4 trimmer is a tad too short for him.

Secondly, this slacker mummy forgot all about his 4-year-old immunisation. I only found out when I took a look at his immunisation record which I was supposed to attach a copy of it to the enrolment form for Wayburne. Therefore today Aidan had the scream of his life when two needles poked into his arms, one for each. Cried his heart out and casted a dirty look at the poor doctor. I told her that he wasn’t exactly liking her at that moment, and she laughed. She understood and said that’s normal. Happens all the time.

Back home, he kept saying Naughty doctor. Aidan pain pain.

Which reminded me. Wilkin smacked Aidan when he nearly fell of the chair two days back. We did tell him many times not to roll the chair around, but I thought he didn’t deserve that smack. It was, afterall, an accident. Aidan pouted and came running to me, needing a hug. And he whispered in my ear Naughty Daddy.

And why do I have this smug feeling?

We went to Wayburne this morning for our 10am appointment to meet with Aidan’s 4-year-old kindy teachers, Mrs. Carol McIvor and Mrs. Karen Staffieri. When I mentioned to Aidan that we will be dropping by the school, he said No, don’t want school.

Don’t you want to go to school and play with Dinesh, Ryan and other friends? He gave a little thought, and asked Mrs.Bliu? (Mrs. Lu)

No, bubba, Mrs. Lu won’t be teaching you this year. There will be new teachers.

When we reached Wayburne, I realized it wasn’t a one-on-one meeting, but many parents and kids. Ah well, so much so for private time. At least Aidan got to see some of his peers and had a play with them. Unlike 3-year-old kinder, this year will be a lot of serious play. I am glad when Mrs.Staffieri told us about their plans to teach phonic, learning left and right, so they can go on an excursion to a mini traffic playground, learn how to look out for traffic and such. They will have very important visitors like the nurse from the hospital for role play in a ‘clinic’ and a real policeman with the police car, sirens and all. She makes it sound so fun, I am looking forward to seeing Aidan having a good time in school and of course, I do hope it will boost his vocab bank, therefore speech, as well.

I am glad I started him at the same school last year, so at least he is familiar with the surrounding, some teachers and friends.

School starts next Tuesday, and when the teachers asked if we had a good break, most parents’ comeback is ‘We will, soon!‘ 

I will, soon.

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I went to the two-bucks-shop yesterday and got some glittery glue pen. I had in mine to decorate the origami fish I made for Chinese New Year’s presents. And I thought it would be a good idea for Aidan to have some messy fun as well. He wasn’t interested in them when I showed it to him, as he just woke up from his arvo nap, usually with the typical cranky mood.

This morning, he came running into my room, shaking me up, and asked Mama what’s this?

Glittery pens.

Mama, who’s this? (I suppose it meant whose is this?)

*Yawn* Aidan’s.

He run out excitedly and left me to sleep again. I woke up later to find the house quiet, which is pretty unusual. As a routine, eversince he knew how to operate the telly and dvd player, it would be switched on the moment he wakes up. This morning, I found him doing this:

His idea of messy play. Great fun at $2 for 10 pens. Better than any $2 rides!

We are going to the beach tomorrow, and we went shopping for food such has drinks and chips, and things to make some sandwiches. I have been drumming into him that we will be meeting with Ching’s family as well. He was all excited when he heard Miguel’s name, plus asking to open the bag of chips. I had to remind him that is for tomorrow, and it’s to share with his friends.

So far, I have no idea how good Aidan is at understanding the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow. So when Wilkin came home, I took the chance to ask Aidan Where are we going tomorrow Aidan? He thought for a while and replied I’m going to the beach.


Last Saturday, after months of much need cut and colour.

AMACAM? Hhahahahaha! Aidan’s mummy deserves to be cranky once in a while 😛

Aidan will be officially starting four-year-old kindy in two weeks’ time.

I am both relieved and nervous at the same time. Relieved that I am getting a little bit of time for myself from this little rascal, relieved that he can release his beans of energy everyday for four days a week in and out of the classroom, relieved that he can mixed around with kids his age and play, yet I am nervous how things will go for the first few days.

Although he has been to three-year-old kindy and absolutely loved it, there are some changes still, mainly his wonderful class teacher Mrs. Lu will not be teaching him anymore. There are a few friends from his class who will be joining him, and others in another group, with more new faces joining in this year. All the children from his class were wonderful kids, and I am hoping the new faces will be the same. Sigh, you’ll never know, one can only hope.

I am also hoping he will improve in speech, and when that happens, I know I will have no concerns at all of sending him to Prep next year. Of which, that is another thing I have to look up. State school or St. Mary Magdalene? I have been to SMM, so I guess this year I will have to look up the state school and see how they operate.

Important decisions have been made before in sales at work, but never in making one for someone’s future.

Going round and round in one of the Troublesome Trucks pulled by Thomas the tank engine.

We will be going to another shopping centre tomorrow to let him have a go again, this time for free. Hopefully the line isn’t too long. There are centres that cater for family fun during the school holidays. I think this is a great idea. Next week there will be Snakebusters where there are harmless reptiles such as snakes, geckos and green froggies where children can actually touch, hold and feel them. Aidan would want me to hold a green frog and he will just admire it. He wanted to take one home the last term.  

And just because Lola loves pink milk, Aidan is very into it too. Guess I shouldn’t complain, he is, afterall, drinking his milk! Although I shouldn’t allow it too often as this is sweetened.

We got to Officework today and I got him a set of these crayons. It is supposed to help little fingers get the grip, especially when his is weak. When he gets used to using this one, I should gradually switch to something slimmer until his grip is fine. And guess what he is using these as?

EEeooooowww!!! Spaceships and stacking rockets!


Aidan was playing internet game of Charlie and Lola, and he saw me packing up his trains on the floor.

Yes, Mama, yes. Pack up!  (??!!!)

And when I tell him to pack up, he will ask me to do it instead, or help him do it. One day I pretended to walk out the door when he proctrastinated with that chore, and he thought I would actually leave him at home if he didn’t finish doing it, he started to panic and bawled.

I remembered my mother doing exactly the same thing to me (Now go figure where I learned it from) and she actually drove off without me! Well, I was old enough then, about seven or eight, and my Dad was at home. But I had to defend myself, I wasn’t that much of a procrastinator, only that Mum informed me the last minute about her plans, already reaching for the car keys. Most of the time anyway.

My little man is a little bit more of himself every day, and I am very happy that he can actually put words he learned from TV (not totally a bad thing, after all) to actions. I asked him to help me push my swing, a few times, and he answered Okay, hold on, I’m coming, or Can you help me? if he needed any help at all.

I am sure he misses school, he has been asking about it, and that he will love it seeing most of his peers again.

So would I, believe me, so would I.

he had to entertain himself. I woke up from my arvo nap only to find him showing me this.

These little stickers should be in the book, now they are all over my kitchen cupboards. The numbers 3 and 5 are on the other side of his hands.  

An inspirational poem I read somewhere:

Dont’ quit
When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns.
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow
Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt

And you never can tell how close you are
It may be near and it seems so far
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.