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Don’t know when it happened, don’t know where he learnt it from (certainly not from his father!), but witnessed both today.

Each morning I would put on some cream on Aidan before he gets dressed for kinder. I have started laying out the clothes for him, and he is to dress himself up. But that’s not what I want to talk about. Aidan started jumping up and down in a jittery manner. Then he turned to face me, all smiley and laughing, ‘Look Mama, wriggly chuuchuu!


In the evening, after he showered, he did the same thing. I told him to stop the nonsense, even though I was laughing inside. I was putting the cream away, when he turned to me, not jumping this time, and said ‘Look Mama‘. I was expecting him to show me something on his PJs, because he was looking downwards, with his hands around his groin area.

My heart skipped two beats and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw his chuuchuu. Pretzel style. Instinctively I slapped his hands off and told him never to do that again. ( Omigosh! Did he hurt himself? Did he damage anything? Did he feel anything?) He looked at me puzzled. Why?

Because you might hurt yourself. And because I said so.

*Pengsan sekejap*

I have just sent Aidan to kinder. As I am typing this, there is a police officer there right now, complete with her police car, with the flashy bright red and blue neon signs, proudly waiting to be shown off to the children.

Remembering how Aidan said last week that he didn’t want to go to kinder because he has already went to Prep that morning, last night I told him that there will be prep, and then school. It is a lot better to let him know in advance how the day will be. Plus it is an incentive as well, when I told him there will be a police car at kinder today.

Today is the last of the 4 sessions of Orientation day. Everything went well. He even proudly showed me his colouring work. Not perfect, but certainly trying his best 🙂 At least he did try to stay in line on the domes! He even told me about the sun (on the left) and the rain.

Well I guess it was a hippo rescue mission in the stormy sea?


It is the third Orientation of the month, with two more to go.

Every week, the children will be in the classroom, doing the things preppies should. As for the parents, we will be having morning tea with lots of delicious cakes brought in by the committee. The main purpose to be in there is also to get familiarized with other parents and teachers, as well as teachers and committee members of groups such as class reps, before and after hours school care, PFA (parents and friends association), fundraising, canteen, uniform shop, etc. We are encouraged to volunteer in any way we can to get the community-based primary school running effectively.

Today, I seem to know more people, greeted by and greeting along the way. There is this mum who also works part-time where I workout, another mum I know who owns a noodle shop opposite where I work, and surprise, surprise, I saw a mum who was my friend’s classmate, who has two sons in the school, the younger one attending prep together with Aidan!

But the best thing is, every parent is made to feel very welcomed, and well informed. Today, the prep teacher gave us an insight of what she does, how the hours are run, day in, day out. She explained in such a way that made me feel so, so, so relieved that I have chosen the right school. No one student is the same. Some are faster learners, interested in books and numbers, others won’t even go near it. Everything she said made so much sense, and she sounded so passionate about her job. She was the one who visited us at the early intervention centre a few weeks ago.

If I was satisfied with the school, now I am even more impressed. I like the idea of a small school, about almost three hundred children. It just gives me the sense of security, eg. extra attention given to each and every child, close knitted community, easier to talk with teachers and they always have the time for us. We are not even officially there yet and they already know us by names!

And as for Aidan, he is settling in very well. No more fuss about going to Prep. And oh, by the way, the little rascal thought that was it for the day, so when I told him that he would be going to kinder later in the afternoon, he said No school mama. Go prep. No going school Mama.

Kakakakka!!! Never thought he would think that way!

I am the prince in the CHAN family. Whatever I want to do, I usually get away with it. Not all the time, but most 😛

One thing that never fails to include me, not that I am asked to be included, but I just love and want to do it, is blowing the candles on birthday cakes and cutting the cake. And eating them of course! And so apart from my very own birthday cake, all the other cakes in the family has to be lit twice and and candles blown out twice. Haha!

But yeh yeh was such a sport, he said it was okay to do it just once. I think he liked the jar of lollies we got for him, and I hope he liked the card I wrote especially for him! Mama helped me with it. (Mama forced him to write one!)

Hmm… I like going to Yeh Yeh’s house more now, because I know the lollies we got him are very nice 😛



And hope to keep it this way…

He was no longer nervous, and was in fact very keen to go into the classroom to play with the computer games. Five minutes later, I told him I was going to go out and have a coffee, and he was ok with it! So, yeah, everyone’s happy. A little too early, but had him try on his school’s summer uniform, and he monkeyed around for me.


And tomorrow, I will ‘bodek’ him to for for a haircut. Wish me luck!

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The day was Wednesday, orientation started at 9.10am to 10.15am

Knowing my Aidan, the school psychologist, together with the advice from the Prep teacher, agreed that we should be there about ten minutes earlier. The plan was to be in the classroom and let other children trickle in. But as soon as he saw the school filled with children, (school starts at 9.00am for everyone) he started to panic and said he wanted to stay in the car.

Cut the long story short, got him out of the car, half persuaded and half dragged him across the court. He kept doing U-turns but with my persistence, and false bargains, sorry love, we managed to sit on a bench outside the classroom. For about fifteen minutes. Annemarie, the school pscyh, couldn’t get him talking.

Along came Mr. Bransgrove, the principal. They met once before, and Aidan blocked him out as well. This time, all Gavin took was just a minute, to ask what was in Aidan’s bag. To my surprise, he turned around and showed Gavin his Spiderman water bottle. More small talks, more showing offs. Is it a ‘male’ thing or what? Got Aidan interested enough to pick up his own name tag, and I showed him the computers in the classroom. Remember the pics I took of the classroom, he walked straight to the corner and I actually got Harrison, the boy in the pic, to help Aidan with the games.

Voila!! From that moment onwards, everything was smooth sailing! Harrison is such a sweet and responsible, matured boy. Such good manners and so helpful! When orientation was over, I gave him a little reward, a Chuppa Chup. At home, he asked for the game he played there. Hahaha.. I said he can only play that at Prep. I don’t have that program.

The next day, Aidan asked to go to Prep!