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It’s Saturday and we went out for lunch with my FIL, and after that Wilkin said he would like to go to his brother Will’s new house to help out with the painting.

So Aidan and myself had the afternoon alone together. We went to Chaddy K-Mart to return a booster seat which I bought a few weeks back, as he managed to wiggle out from it and also unbuckle it. Bought the seat for $70 odd at a discount price, but got an exchange voucher for full price at $90. This is because I didn’t have a receipt with me. How good is that? Initially I told the girl to forget about the refund as I brought in the wrong receipt, but she said she can do it. Imagine if I had the receipt with me I wouldn’t have gotten the extra cash!

I decided I should get the five point harness. So off to Baby Bunting we went and found one which is really good. Duit sini tiga ratus dua puluh. Jika suami nampak mesti maki dan pengsan punya. Saya kena tipu sikit sini, jika dia tanya I akan jawab dua ratus lebih sikit sikit… hahahaa.

When we left the place, the car in front of me wanted to turn right, when there was huge sign saying ‘NO RIGHT TURN’. I sort of threw up my left hand saying ‘No right turn’  to myself, a little irritated because there were so many cars, and it was trying to cross the double traffic.

From behind me, a little man shouted ‘Come On!’

You can guess all you like where he learnt it from, no price for that.

Remember I said Aidan will place his ‘S’ at the end of the word like:

 Tay-s (Stay)

Tar-s (Star)

Kool-s (School)

Cooter-s (Scooter)

Yesterday I noticed that he was pronouncing it perfectly! Today as well. But he still does a little short cut here and there. Suppossed to be Mummy dont’ go, stay home he will say Don’t home. Lucky thing I understand, otherwise I would have thought he is shoo-ing me off to work 😛

There was an incident a couple of weeks back where Aidan wouldn’t wear his ‘gai-gai’ (going out) clothes after his bath.

He is usually quite compliant to whatever we tell him to do, but that day he refused to budge and kicked up a fuss. And we were going out for dinner with my FIL’s sister from Sydney too. The little rascal was tired, and wanted to put on his PJs.

Tonight it was the exact opposite. Wilkin gave him a bath, and instead of putting on the long-sleeve thin wool singlet, (Wilkin said it looks thin. ??) he wore Aidan in one of those long sleeve Ts before wearing the flanelette PJs. Aidan came running to me bottom naked happily and Wilkin had to chase after him. Upon seeing the Tigger PJ pants, he said ‘No ahh‘ and ran back into his room, and dug out a pair of jeans.

No darling, no gai-gai, you need to go to bed soon.

Started crying. Still, dug out another pair of cord pants.

No baby, we are not going out.

Cried, hung on to me like a little monkey for a good 5 minutes, still no pants.

Managed to get him to wear the PJ pants at last, and he looked at me,


Going to sleep soon already lah, haiyoh.

Sulked. Distracted him with his library book and milk.

Done.  🙂

We got back from school and I let Aidan has his lunch.

I was in the kitchen preparing food for dinner, and the house was quiet. Again.

Aidan! Where are you? 

No reply.

Baby! Where are you?

Searched my room, not there. Toilet,  not there, bathroom, not there. My house in only THIS big. His room, not there. Hang on, what’s that noise behind the door?


He got inside this storage basket I bought from Cotton On Kids last week. It has got a lid so I didn’t see him. It’s supposed to be a zebra or a white tiger, I don’t know. It looked funny.

Here you will see Aidan counting from one to five. He was having fun looking at his own fingers in the digicam screen, hence you’ll see him turning around to the back of the camera.

And then he will say ‘That’s a thumb’ and close of his thumb, putting another finger from the other hand in and say ‘Okay, NOW five fingers.’ He is repeating this play from

In the background you will hear his Dada kept asking him to show his puppy, then Thomas.


Today has gone real fast and hectic, and I didn’t have anything out of the ordinary to do.

When I got home from work last night, Wilkin just peeked from under the blanket and wished me Happy Birthday. I had to walk up to the bed and jumped on him to get my birthday kiss.

This morning we went for Aidan’s swim class, and headed for Macca’s for lunch where he got his Shrek ‘Far Far Away Pasta’ Happy Meal with a Shrek toy that burps disgustingly 😛  Then we went to Chaddy to get this. I bought it myself.

Ice cream from Trampoline where the base is Tiramisu, with three choices of ice cream i.e. Spotty Dog, Classic Chocolate and Hazelnut Roche.

When I came home, I saw this.

And Aidan? He sang me a  birthday song. Can’t ask for more, can I?  🙂

You may notice Wilkin is not around. You noticed right. He wasn’t back from work yet. FIL dropped by and gave me a red packet, and we had cakes without Wilkin.

It was in the email that got all  mums excited and trying the remedy.

Apparently if we apply some Vicks at the sole of the feet at night and keep the socks on, it will help relieve the child of coughing. I don’t know whether if it really worked, or if it was just Aidan not coughing night, he did sleep through and woke up coughing most days. Wilkin was very impressed and this was one thing that he actually recommended it to his friends.

Yesterday while I was doing some chores, the house was quiet, again.

I smelt eucalyptus in the air, and I did see Aidan sitting on the floor, in his room, holding the jar of Vicks Baby Balsam. Like I said, children see, children do. He liked it every night when I apply the balsam on his feet, and he will pretend that it’s very ticklish and turn from side to side, giggling.

I told him not to play with it, and put that back. A couple of minutes later, he was fiddling in the bathroom. He likes washing his hands now that he can turn the tap on. It was previously too tight for him.

Later in the evening. My discovery? The cold water tap was all Vicks, gooey and sticky and kinda pasty.  And all round the sink was green, green, green. What was that? My lemongrass and lime handwash. Did I forget to mention that he loves soap too?

Well, look at it this way. At least he washed his hands and there wasn’t any trace of Vicks elsewhere in the house, fingers crossed.

I slept in (again!) today.

Aidan was prancing round my bed early in the morning. Usually he will stay with me, singing his ABC songs, dig my nose, brush my hair, pull the blanket. But whatever he does, he sticks around me and wouldn’t walk out from the room until I wake up. Or until he needs to wee. Whichever comes first.

Today, I get to sleep in coz it’s Saturday and Dada was home. So I don’t have to get up to fix Aidan breakfast 🙂 Okay, so I just want to brag about this.

Later in the afternoon, I went to the park with Aidan while Dada went for his haircut. At the park, he was hopping around and I asked him,

Oohh, are you a frog? Or a bunny rabbit?

He turned around and looked at me, a little annoyed (yes, there was this look on his face) and said,

Ama kangaroo!

Believe you me, THAT look, was like I asked a dumb question. Huh?! When did my boy learn this? But I am so glad, that this was one of the rare moments where I get a spontaneous two-way conversation with him. I am keeping my fingers crossed to have more of this sort of conversation with him. That will be so nice.

I realized earlier that Wilkin and myself have been doing things without explaining to Aidan, for example, buttoning his clothes, taking off his pants, washing his hands, you get me. Of late, I told Wilkin to explain to Aidan whatever we are doing, and I have been telling Aidan when he started to pull at his clothes, to get it off, that it was taking off his clothes. And also when I saw him doing that, I will ask him if he wanted to take off his jacket.

I was doing something and he came up to me today, and said Take off, while pulling at his sweater. Another good moment.

As for some words, he’s graduating slowly. From Eh Kiu (Thank you) now he says Bank kiu or Banks (Thanks). Today he said Bank kiu Mummy after getting a strawberry liquorice from me.

I am happy.

He did it again today!

He actually tried it again this morning, but I managed to stop him in time.

Then in the evening just before Dada came home, he did it, not as much as yesterday, but enough to cover one leg. I scolded him, through whatever voice I have left, sounded broken, coz I have a cold, and piak piak his hands. Tears welled in his eyes, trying hard not to cry. Then two drops came rolling down his cheeks.

Dada got in and saw his red eyes, and said he must have been naughty eh? Anyway, all forgotten in about 10 seconds.

Today I took a sicky. Got a cold, nothing to it really, but I thought I haven’t taken a sicky for so long, and I had to go to my doc to get my blood test and ultrasound reports on my thyroids, so I might as well get a medical cert. from him 😛 Hey! I DO sound sick, coz my colleague didn’t recognize my voice and thought how come this ‘man’ knew her name, and she nearly freaked out.

And so today, I really did …. NOTHING! 🙂 We went to my friend’s place so her son Eric and Aidan can play together, then we went yum char for lunch, back to her place, and then straight to the doc. In the evening, our happy family went out for dinner, so no cooking for me *double smiles*

Now, off to make a warm mug of honey and lemon drink.

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