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Aidan’s skin has been much better as compared to when he was a baby.

But it requires constant attention and he is still using Ego QV Bath Oil and natural shower gel instead of the commercialized soaps such as Johnson’s. Every evening after his bath, we have to slab on moisturizing cream on him, either Dermaveen or Cetaphil.

Couple of days back I noticed there is a rash patch at the back of his left thigh. Wednesday morning we went for his swimming lesson. I could have sworn I have forgotten something. Come shower time, I realized I forgot to put the cream in the bag, and I thought, one day only, surely it doesn’t matter? Plus, I forgot to apply barrier cream on him before entering the pool.

So what happened yesterday? Both legs were full of rashes, especially on the folds. A little on his body and patches on hands and back. Just great. Looked awful, like beehives. He was scratching like there is no tomorrow. Had to use cortisone cream and a does of Claratyne. Cut his fingernails too, as he had been leaving marks.

Today, he is much better. The rash seems to have ‘dried’ up.


 I found the present at last. I have been thinking about it for a while, and decided to get it.

 Present for Wilkin, yes. But I may end up doing the work, haha.


We went out for Korean food. Aidan couldn’t wait to sing Happy Birthday song. I told him to sing it for Dada, but when we came to the third phrase, he insisted it should be ‘Happy Birthday to Aidan‘. For the whole evening before Dada came home, he kept asking to sing as such.  Cheeky rascal.

Bringing the fish home wasn’t easy. And I mean emotionally. It was like bringing two babies home. I didn’t want anything too big, and nothing fancy like pumps. Therefore the best I could get is the goldfish, instead of my preferred tropical ones. (Who’s birthday is it anyway?! Haha!) With this tank, I can only get two. It is best to allow 5 litres of water per fish, oh yeah, now I know.

I treated the water, put the bag of fish on the tank, just so they can adjust to the temperature. Then I tranferred them into their new home. For the first two hours, I was in constant worry, as they were at the bottom of the tank, and not moving much. I thought, Die! Temperature shock. Or maybe the water wasn’t treated properly?

Much later now, they are okay. But I still think the water is a little too cold, although the pet shop people assured me it is okay. I have to see what I can do.

So here are our new family members, Happy and Healthy. I couldn’t bring Money home YET as the house is a little too small 🙂

Indeed, we have been getting more words from him now. Stringing along more words into a sentence, he is starting to make sense now.

I’ve got such a sweet boy (when he’s not throwing one of his tantrums or being stubborn and difficult, did I just say he is sweet?) and mild temper, compared to some I have personally witnessed. I can’t help but smile every morning when he runs over to my room and starts to push and shake me awake. Either he will put his face right in front of mine, smiling and say Morning Mummy, or Mummy, wee wee arrr..

This is one thing I have to get him to go on his own. Other times he will go on his own, but I think it is his excuse for getting me out of bed. That rascal. He is a real copycat too. Must have seen Dada doing this umpteen times. He spilled some popcorn onto the carpet today, and immediately he went to his room to get the hand-vac. Most of the time he is as messy as his dad, leaving toys and stuff strewn all over the floor. Other times he can be very fussy with just a strand of stray hair that got into his way.

Saturday’s bowling session had just given me an idea to include this game into our holiday program when we are in Ipoh. At least it is much cheaper there! I will also need to get an inflatable pool. And praying this year the darn mozzies will just stay away from his flesh and blood. Die mozzies, die! Every year for the past three years his face mostly, has been the target for these damned and cursed insects. Every single year. Does anyone know of anything that can be applied onto the face as a repellant? Much as I like going back to see my family and friends, there are lots of things I noticed that have changed for the worse. In any case, I hope we will have a great holiday. And….

Mummy can’t wait to go back and start eating the local food 🙂

Aidan seldom takes his arvo naps now, but when he does, he sometimes wake up a little cranky.

Today was one of those days. I had to wake him up as it was already 5.30pm. I knew if I were to walk away, he would have cried. Depending on situations, I sometimes leave for work before Wilkin wakes him up. But today I had all the time in the world, so I stayed beside him and tried offering him treats, Nick Junior, his favourite channel at the moment, and juice. All with the teary eyes and whispered reply of,


I told him I need to fix dinner soon, and he caught my neck, gently pulling me down to lie down beside him. Very softly he said,

Mummy waaii dowm…  (Mummy, lie down)

He got up from the couch and started pulling on my pants, indicating I should completely lie down beside him, and not just my head. This is another ‘one of those moments’ for me. The house free of the background music and TV, quiet, and just the both of us squashed up on the couch, with me looking at him, stroking his eyebrows, his face, his little hand holding onto my other hand.

If you have just read the above paragraph without knowing me, you’d think I am writing a love story. Love story it is, but not with a lover, but my son. I am so contented with life. I should be.

Okay, now I should start thinking. Wilkin’s birthday is next week and apart from the Trampoline ice-cream I have ordered two days ago, I really don’t know what to get for him. Thinking, thinking…

Aidan was sitting on the steps at the backyard, eating his ice cream.

Ah deaahh! Snake! Mummy! Come here! Snake! 

(‘Ah deaahh’ may have meant ‘Oh dear’,) I seldom use that word, and wonder if he picked it up from kindy. I went out and he pointed to a corner, and there was this tiny gonggok all curled up.  Sorry, I don’t know what it’s called in English. It’s a tiny fat round thing with lotsa lotsa legs. Not a caterpillar, not a centipede, but somewhere along that line 😛

It’s not a snake, bubby. It’s a gonggok.


Eee….. *used my slipper and piak piak that thing*  There, no more snake.

Oohhh…. no more snake.

And he continued eating his ice cream.

While pointing to the exact spot where he wanted me to stand. Right in front of him while he is cosily sitting on the toilet bowl, doing his number two. Quite authoritative I should say. Wonder where he got it from? 😛 You’d think by now I would have gotten used to his stinky poo. Well, yes I have. But it’ the stinky fart that I can’t stand! Hahaha… same goes for Wilkin. It is especially deadly when he misses a day. And he wants someone to stay inside the toilet with him, sharing his Winnie Pooh and friends’ Storytime or the Dinosaur or Disco Fish book. 

He is coming along fine, with lots of short sentences like:

  1. Mummy, come here
  2. Mummy, doan’t bite bum bum (that’s when I can’t resist the temptation! and note the pronunciation on ‘don’t’)
  3. Mummy, doan’t tickle
  4. Mama, I wan two ice-cweam ( yep, sometimes Mama and yikes! two??! lucky they’re mini sized)

He will also call Dada as Daddy at times. The best moment was when the three of us in bed, him in the middle, looking up at us, and went Ma? while looking at me. I answered Yes? and he turned to look at his dad saying Daddy? and Dada went Aidan? And he repeated Ma? Daddy? Ma? Daddy? while looking at us to and fro, smiling.

I cannot describe this moment. It feels so…… special. So complete. It feels great to think that he knows he has the two of us to love him.

Aaww… am getting mushy. Gotta go give him a hug now..


As you can see, I photographed the pics, from the reflection shown. Sorry about the laziness to scan it. It will take ages, and I have yet to prepare dinner for tonight. But I can’t wait to put this up 🙂

Here’s the classroom pic. I am surprised Aidan can tell me most of their names, because he never said hi to them. I didn’t take all the photos, though, some weren’t that nice. I am surprised the classroom pic was missing from the album today. I told Lynda, that’s the teacher beside Aidan, and she gave me the office’s copy. I suspect someone may have pinched it from my album, as we weren’t allowed to take any home without paying. It wouldn’t have fallen out because all the photos fits snugly. If this was really the case, I find it very dishonest and cheap for the parent to do such a thing. It’s only $8.   In any case, I hope they won’t suspect me, because it’s only missing from my album. Geeezzzz.. or maybe someone doesn’t like me?! Oh me, oh my! Oh gosh! Really…. haha….you think I bother? 🙂

3YO Kindy Class


There was an album for each child yesterday which consists of six individual pics and a class pics, in a somewhat cute album, at the cost of $57.00

 About two weeks ago, there were two photographers in the kindy and Lynda said they would be taking some pics. As we weren’t informed the pics were ready, I didn’t bring any money, so I will have to get them on Monday.

I didn’t want the full album though, two weren’t as nice. Assuming they will do this every year, I don’t need the album too. Each individual pic costs $7 and the class pic is $8. I am only going to get 5.

It’s nice to have the pics taken at kindy while the children are at ‘work’. Pixie Photos have promotion every year where the sitting and a large size family pic is free, but who would only get the one pic and walk away. You know, when your child is only a few months old, cute as anything, would you? I ended up buying some pics for a couple of hundred dollars, twice.

I told myself I won’t be a sucker for this anymore. But the kindy pics are reasonable.

So, wait for them 🙂

It never occured to me that Aidan prefers/like/favours red.

Lynda told me he chooses red for his paintings and red for some other things like blocks or toys. Yes, two of his paintings were just red blotches, as if he was trying to draw a red ball. Then there was two lines that either looked like ‘1‘ or the ‘J‘ upside down.

At Cabena Occasional Care, another red ball painting.

We walked to 7-11 yesterday evening, just to get some fresh air. He loves the trip as he always gets a Slurpee. There wasn’t any red slurpees. Cola is brown, white is lemonade I guess, pink is strawberry? And another which I can’t remember. Aidan chose pink. And a red straw.

My little man speaks his choices now. On the nights that I tuck him to bed, I will ask him to sing me a song. When I request a song, for example, Let It Shine, sometimes he’ll say ‘Don wan ah. ABC?’ He loves his ABC, and we end it with ‘I Love You’ song from Barney everytime.

Sigh, my little man. Soon he won’t want me kissing and hugging in in front of his schoolfriends. Don’t all boys do that?

Before you start thinking am using profanities at my son’s blog, (you dirty-minded fellas, you!) FO is the field officer that was supposed to be at the kinder today to assess Aidan’s progress.

I was so looking forward to seeing him, but he gave me the banana skin. I was told by Lynda, this guy Alan wouldl be there today, and coincidentally, it was my fruit duty day. Meaning I had to play with the kids, cut up some fruits for the snack time, and tidy up the place, help around.

Kindy came and go, no sign of Alan. Sigh… Lynda was confused as well, as she wasn’t informed of any cancellation. We left the kinder, with Aidan all buckled up. Just then I noticed someone getting out from a car, a man with no child seat at the back of the car. So he wasn’t a dad picking up his child. He carried folders with him. And his car number plate starts with AA, which may be the abbreviation of his name Alan Angwin or something.

Dnag him. He must have mistaken the time. Dang it. The next time he’s there, I won’t be around. Nice…… not.

On a different note, Lynda told me Aidan likes red. Most activities or toys that he chooses, it is red. Yep, I have two paintings from him. Both red. And Mummy tends to choose blue or green for him.

Next time, I’ll let him choose his own things whenever possible.