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Aidan has long been independent on toilet issues, except for cleaning up his number two. More like Mummy being ‘anal’ about it and wanting his bottom spotless. If I were to go on doing it for him, I might as well wipe his bum till he is 18.

So I thought, I have to do something about it. For myself! At the early intervention centre, there is this toilet training package where we can borrow for free. Inside it is a video cassette (they are trying to make the vcd copies soon) for both parent and child to watch together.

Here are some laminated pictures where I can show Aidan what to do step by step. Not all the pictures are here, but what I need him to see are these three. There are two characters in the clip, older sister Emily and Tom, so both girl and boy can learn the different way in doing the wee.  

Aidan loves the video, watched them many times, and now repeating some sentence they were saying. One problem though. Part of the scene was Emily telling Tom to wipe his bottom till he can see no poo. I don’t mind wasting paper that way, but what Aidan did (one fine day I peeked) and to my horror, he was just pulling clean toilet paper from the holder straight into the bowl! Aaagghh! No wonder the toilet roll has been vanishing very quickly the past week! And I thought Wilkin was the one with extremely active bowel movements.

What else? Smack to the bum lar!

Aidan has developed a habit of coming into our bed in the middle of the night.

It started out in the wee hours of the morning, which was fine, but now if he isn’t sleeping too well he will come over at about 3-4 o’clock. Usually Wilkin will just swap places with him, but this will have to stop, or the little rascal will be doing that for the next 5 years if we are lucky!

Yesterday he did the same thing, and that was 3 in the morning. Having just gone to bed myself and being roused from my deep deep REM, I was like Whatever. And honestly, it felt good hugging him 🙂 Now that he is almost 5, there wasn’t quite enough room for 3. We tried. So Wilkin rather have an undisturbed sleep and swapped again.

My alarm clock rang. 8am. Aidan was still sleeping. Good! I can continue my beauty sleep. 8.25am, I heard a whisper All wet, all wet. WIth my eyes still closed, I panicked, and reached for his pants. Sure enough, it was drenched. I looked at him, and he was still half asleep. He must have had a full bladder, and was dreaming. I woke him up, took off his pants and told him to run to the shower. It was a cold morning, but I think both of us was more panicky than cold. All cleaned up in less than 2 minutes.

I looked at the ‘damage’. My magnetic underlay was totally soaked in a circle, then a smaller circle on my electric blanket beneath it, and a palm size on my matress protector on the third layer. At least my mattress is dry. Phew! It was better to clean those than not knowing what to do with the mattress if it got wet. It wasn’t a sunny day. I wasn’t angry at all. It was his first time after he was properly ‘weaned’ off his nappies. Aidan has been great. But I did put up a straight face and told him I wasn’t happy. He thought I was serious and since he did do something ‘wrong’, his eyes started to get red. Alright, alright, bad mummy. I told him it was okay.

Which reminds me, I did that myself a few times when I was a kid and my oldest was being 11, I think. I remember that I dreamt about either rivers or was actually trying to ‘go’ in the toilet, but somehow felt unable too. And fighting the dream, my full bladder won over and wee-ed in my virtual toilet. Only to wake up 10 seconds later to a wet patch.

Am I the only weird one or has it happened to anyone?

*Ps. I still do not know how to reply to your comments! Can anyone tell me where to click?!

See my funny little man?

Breakdancing on my bed. I have to be very careful with his tossing and turning though. I don’t think he knows how to use the strength of his hands to push and co-ordinate with his shoulders. He can easily hurt his neck, which is very dangerous.

I have a video clip of him being silly, singing funny song and Bangun Pagi, or part of it. And until I have worked out how to embed the fucking YouTube code either here or Bloggers, which I have been fiddling for  almost an hour, I am not giving it a shit anymore. I am going to bed.

I have always said, I hate WordPress and YouTube combined!

Update : Click here to view the clip.

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Second lesson at junior gym. Today’s lesson was more on the balancing beams, which, you wouldn’t give it much thought other than just walking and balancing on it. Well, at least I wouldn’t. But it was a totally different view for me this morning when Bea told the children to walk, balance with two hands stretched out like wings, then walk backwards again. Aidan couldn’t catch the backwards part, and started walking sideways. Haha.

Also the next step was to walk on the beam while bouncing a ball. Then it was balancing on a higher beam, and jump down. Pretty intensive for kids his age. So far so good.

Weekend was so-so, and Wilkin and myself had a disagreement on the subject of schools accepting children. That’s totally different topic altogether, but yep, obviously and naturally for me, I didn’t feel like talking to him. Unlike him, who can seem to forget it and go on as if nothing happened. So when he watched I Am Legend, I said nothing. I know it was pretty graphic for Aidan to stomach the movie, unfortunately. He kept closing him ears with his hands, but that’s his gesture when he doesn’t like loud noises.

There was a scene where Sam, the dog, died after being attacked. And I didn’t like it when Wilkin told Aidan that Sam was sleeping. I’d rather he told Aidan Sam has died, although Aidan may not grasp what death means. We can work on him understanding it on the way. Then again, who knows if Aidan CAN understand or not? He has recently been picking up a lot of things, a great improvement, and I am happy with the way things goes for him.

Robyn the speech path does not only do table top activities. She is really good in just putting everything and everyday things into ‘work’ with Aidan. She brought a pancake mix last Saturday, and Aidan had fun cooking them. Pancake is one of my favourite, now he can cook for me. HHmm…. not bad practising for Mother’s Day 🙂

For pics, click here.

I was sitting down on the sofa with Aidan, watching That 70’s Show, when there was a scene when Wilmer Valderrama said


I do not have to tell you the rest of the story, do I? He seems to like some parts of Harry Potter series, which is now showing every Saturday night, especially when there are animals involves, like the phoenix, the two-headed dog, unicorn, or the giant snake.

Phew! I had to make sure I watch Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares only when he is fast asleep. Imagine an average of 80 F*** words in the entire episode.

Aidan’s co-ordination has always been at the bottom of the list, amongst other things, and when I saw the flyer for Junior Gym, on how it is oriented towards gymnastics learnings and skills, I didn’t even discuss with Wilkin. I had to join it.

Of course, I am not aiming for him to be a gymnast, but all the co-ordination, balance, jumping and climbing on beams, bars, floor, trampolines and foam pits will surely help him in some way?  So, today was his first day there. After the first ten minutes warming up, I was told I wasn’t required to be with him and I can relax for the next forty minutes while he enjoyed himself doing tumble-turnings, hanging on bars, dribbling the ball and climbing a rope ladder. I could have brought a book!

It isn’t easy when he is clumsy. There were four in his age group, including himself. Bea, the instructor was very helpful and patient, as expected to be lar, and although he didn’t do a lot of things the others can do, plus the slowest too, I was very pleased with his efforts today. At the end of the class he was already looking at his hands, either from the powder for anti-slipping, or perhaps it was a little sore from hanging onto the bars too much. He told me he loved it, but when I asked him if he would like to go again next week when Wilkin got home, he said no. Haha.

We’ll see.

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Can someone, anybody, help me?! WordPress has changed its layout, format, or whatever you call it, and I can’t seem to edit or reply to your comments. How do I go about it?

Dang them. Just when I was getting used to it a little, still don’t like the fact that I can’t post in here, here they go again. Haiyah!

Aidan is really happy at kindy. Today he drew a head, with four little lines as hands and legs, and a something like a ladder next to it. According to Mrs. Staffieri, he said Excuse Me to her and told her the figure was a doctor, and that the ladder was Cranky, which is one of the Thomas and Friends character, a crane. She is really impressed with his willingness and confidence to initiate conversation.

His artwork has been getting better too. I think this was done last term, or perhaps yesterday. It is now a masterpiece in my kitchen.

Wilkin is also very happy to be able to hold simple conversation with Aidan too. Things are going so well, it has to be a dream. I want him to have the best we can do for him, and I also want to be around him whenever he needs me, and that is why right now I am worrying about my own health.

I have recently been experiencing a skip of a heartbeat, or perhaps twice of it, don’t know which is correct, but either one, it makes me feel woozy for a while. Just last night I lay in bed, wondering what if I had a stroke, or something like that, what will happen to my family? Having a child changed my looking at life so very differently. I am now afraid to die. Not for my own sake, but what will happen to Aidan if I am not around? Hence, a doctor’s appointment has already been booked.