As of now.

I thought hard about deleting it, but upon reading back the old archives, there are so, so, so many memories.And so I won’t.

Still, I won’t be adding anymore to this blog, unless something special, to me that is, or some rantings I need screaming out.

Hence, thank you all, for keeping this blog company for so long. I won’t ask you to check back once in a while now. It is becoming tedious for me to keep up with two blogs. You’d think I will have more time to myself when Aidan is in Prep. Yes, actually, I do. Some of the time I have given to the school to help with voluntary work. Plus I can spend more time at the gym. Plus putting a little bit more effort into cooking.

Aidan is doing great in Prep. He is loving it so far, and I am glad he comes home with a big appetite. In fact, despite the warnings I have been given that kids their age will lose some weight, he has gone a little ‘meatier’.

Take care all. Ciao, adios, au revoir, until then.