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Well, I am definitely on a holiday. Will be going back to Malaysia for a month with Aidan.

My family will spoil him rotten. Just hope the mozzies will stay out of his face. Last year was bad as he scratched till it was all red and swollen, and I am talking about nearly a dozen of mozzie bites here, just the face, mind you! Broke my heart to see him that way. Wish the mozzies would bite me instead, but somehow they were so smart, they knew how to differentiate an ex-local and a total foreigner. The older people whom we don’t know were quick to judge when they saw Aidan.

Aiyoh, bite until like this. Just got here from overseas izzit?


This boy must be from overseas.

If not for the bites, they might have noticed his flushed face and wet hair, and may have said the same thing. His cheeks will be that hot, that I was afraid he may get a heat stroke. And this is the only time I allow him to have 1 can of 100-Plus a day, sometimes two.

I don’t like using the spray, but obviously that wasn’t an option. And I am very much hesitant in deciding applying repellent on his face.

Anyway, it may be a couple of weeks till my next post.

Happy Holidays! Me, of course!

My Keh Poh Chi (busybody) loves eggs.

And when he saw me taking out three eggs today, he got all excited and took one in his hand, wanting to just squeeze it, hoping to get the result of what will happen if we break an egg. But of course, we all know that scrambled eggs with crunchy egg shells will not taste nice.

So I did it for him, and he was happy to whisk the eggs with that cute little sad face egg-whisking gadget given to me by my friend as a house-warming present. 

I plan for him to cook his own lunch when he turns 7. Baked beans and eggs, sausages or instant noodles. Good time to start young now.


I know Aidan has always been a great boy (aren’t all mummies’ darlings!)

Although he has his tantrums and moments, being unreasonable and all, it is part of the kids’ world. Don’t we adults do the same?! But overall, he is a placid child, not rough, not abusive, and certainly not agressive. We show him all the love and care we can, (please disregard the smackings and yellings) and today, I am proud to say he reflects the same feelings to all around him.  

I mean, of course he knows when I am happy, angry or sad. The happiest thing I heard from his kindy teacher yesterday was that he feels for others too. He noticed one of his peers crying, and he went over to her, sat down, looked at her and asked, Watsa matter Bella? Of course the girl did not reply but just said that she wanted her mummy. Linda, the teacher, told him that Isabella is upset. He sat with her a little while more.

For me, Aidan has gained another step. He is so much more alert with things around him now, always telling us what he sees and more decisive, no longer taking crap from me 😛 like he saw coffee spills at the backyard and told his father. Wilkin had to admit it was his doing, haha. Or he will deliberately stop to think which animal to pick when we sing Old MacDonald has a farm, complete with Eerrmm….  PLUS loads of train e.g. Thomas, Percy, Gordon, James, Henry, Toby, Duncan. Yes, yes, yes, I know most of them now! Although I still can’t differentiate which is Gordon and which is Edward! Apart from Thomas, they just look blue to me! I told him the farm cannot accomodate SO MANY trains! Cheeky bugger.

Oh yeah, he brought out the box of bandaid today and told me Puppy pain. Wanted me to help put one on Puppy. So I did. Wonder what Puppy did to hurt himself? 😛

He doesn’t seem to quite understand the question.

Or maybe he doesn’t know how to answer me?

When I picked him up from kindy this morning, one of his peer was holding a plate of cupcakes. A very standard thing to do when it is someone’s birthday. I noticed that he was very excited about it, but I made him get his bag first. After taking one from the plate, saying thank-yous and goodbyes, we went to our car. On the way, I asked him who’s birthday was it, and there was no reply.

I tried another way.

Did you sing a birthday song, Aidan?

Birthday song.

*Happy Birthday to…..?* (I sang)


 There. I got an answer from him.  It was McKenzie’s birthday. I am happy, I am satisfied.

Music. A very powerful tool of communication. I find Aidan responds better to songs relating to things we do. For example, I couldn’t get him to walk properly. He would always like to skip, gallop, run or drag his feet. Everytime when I told him to stop doing that, he didn’t seem to care. So each time when he did that, I would stop walking. Then I started saying in a sing-song manner, Walking, walking, walking, walking, walking to our home / the shop. And it worked. He started walking slowly, deliberately, in heavy steps, but at least he wasn’t dragging them!

Of course, there are always times, and will be, that he forgets to walk properly, but I hope in time, he will do better.

My friend gave Aidan this Thomas raincoat.

And he loves playing with the umbrella. He will always say ‘Taat, taat, looks like rain’, a sentence borrowed from Winnie The Pooh’s video, where Christopher Robin was saying it.

Okay, come on rain, I am ready for you

Hello, I said I am ready for you!

Good job, rain, Well done!