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Hi all,

Here we are, after a month long disappearing stint. My first day back at work on Wednesday night and I wasn’t even in the mood for it. Still in ‘holiday’ mode. Given the fact Christmas is just around the corner, I should be double lazy.

Aidan has made great progress, soaking up experiences with his nieces in Kuala Lumpur (yes, his nieces, age 5 and 7, my grandnieces!) Lots of playing and learning. What a great relief, his face was spared this trip by the awful mozzies! Finally able to show his handsome face around for all four weeks, with the crew members onboard of Star Virgo Cruise pinching his cheeks, which was flushed red after some running around. Some patrons remarked ‘Ang moh mah’ or something like that, meaning his eyes doesn’t look Chinese, with a few asking me if he is of mixed parentage.

Mum has been torturing his ears by calling his name dozens of times a day, wanting him to reply ‘YES‘, and when he did, she would say ‘Louder’, which got him shouting at the top of his lungs. Just earlier today I was amused when he called Mama, I didn’t reply. He called again, and I answered Hmm? He then looked at me and said ‘Yes?‘ telling me that I should answer correctly. I laughed and replied Yes, to which he said ‘Good boy’. I laughed out loud again, correcting him with ‘Aidan is a good boy, Mama is a good girl.‘ An excellent copycat he is.

The humidity in Malaysia did well for his skin, with his eczema very well under control. For so many previous years we have been away much earlier, therefore when we came back we gradually moved into spring and summer, whereas this trip back home I can actually see and feel the difference. Second day into Melbourne Aidan had his eczema flare-up, and it was one of the worst so far. Seeing his condition I cancelled the rest of his swim classes for the term, and decided to only go for casual swims during the summer. As for myself, I started sneezing again with an occasional itchy nose. That’s Melbourne for us.

I won’t be posting any holiday pics here, too tedious, but they can be viewed at:

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Trip to Malaysia 2007 – Ipoh Pics
Highway Steamboat Kopitiam
A Glimpse inside a Soysauce Factory
Penang Pics and Bukit Tambun
Malaysia Trip 2007 – Last slide