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Not really a break.

Just want you to know the blog is still functioning, and that I still care about this blog a lot. But somehow lately, my mind is far away, from my blogs, that is. It’s the end of the year, many things to do.

I will be updating the post as soon as I can.

Please, DO keep checking 🙂

Like any other children, Aidan loves shopping at the toy department. He would always ask if I want it, when in actual fact he was the one who wanted me to buy.

Wilkin and myself would always, well, most of the time, say no. Good thing is, Aidan is not the type who throws a tantrum and plant his bottom on the floor, yelling at the top of his lungs. Most, he would ask Why? and I said he already has too many engines, or toys. He has taking a new liking to Lightning McQueen, and today he kept pulling me to see the set of cup, bowl and plate. I told him he didn’t need that because he already has cups, bowls and plates. He thought quietly for a while, and said:

I don’t want it while waving his right hand in a No fashion, and geleng-geleng his head. He then pointed to the Dora set and did the same. Haha, I wouldn’t have bought him Dora anyway! I told him that is more for a girl. But he is obsessed with trains. And now starting to take note of cars, especially the characters in Cars. This happened after he started playing with the GameBoy on my NDS. So whenever I said no to his request on trains and cars, he would say Let Gu Che buy.

Smart thinking. Why Gu Che, you may ask. I make it a habit to tell him who bought what for him. So why not Kai Yeh or Pamela Je Je?

Aaaahhh……. well, actually I don’t know. I am assuming Gu Che is just twenty minutes away!