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Chocolates are overflowing in so many places, but luckily not our house. We do have our fair share of them, but bless me, I am sensible enough not to finish them at one go. Still, I will ALWAYS have a very good and valid excuse to have them, and that is Aidan can’t have too much 😛  What a good mum won’t sacrifice for her son? Hahahahaa!

Term One school holidays started last Monday, but before school term ended, they went on an excursion to a beach. So, most of their themes done around songs and projects were, naturally, on sea creatures. And this was what Aidan brought home.

Sea urchin or more like sea monster?


He has been very, very naughty as well. It is my fault to have introduced him to my Nintendo DS. He has been asking to play with it the moment he wakes up, the moment we walk into our house, and refusing to go out. I am at the moment limiting his playtime with it, just because it’s the school holidays, but starting next week, I will have to keep the NDS altogether from him. No more during the weekdays. And what reaction did I get from him?

Naughty Mama, you are rude. Don’t take away MY Nintendo. You go to Mrs. Tuck’s office! (Mrs. Tuck is his Prep teacher and sends naughty children into her office)

Well, whadday make of that?! I was afraid he couldn’t catch up at school and what have we here! A smarty-mouth that irks me to no end half of the day.