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It’s our weekly affair, us going to either Boxhill or Glen Waverley to buy groceries and have lunch, with my FIL.

Wilkin has mentioned he didn’t quite like his dad sitting at the front as my FIL will constantly voice his ‘concerns’ and ‘scare-kedy’ remarks when Wilkin drives. For me, can’t say I am used to it, but I’ve mastered the art of keeping silent.

And so, FIL will sit at the back with Aidan. Am sure he likes that as well. Today, as usual, FIL played with Aidan and teased him, and Aidan said ‘Ye Yeh, DON’T!’ (Ye yeh means Grandpa in Cantonese) Wilkin and myself couldn’t help but laughed simultaneously, and I reported that Aidan has never said this before. Later he got a little annoyed I think, when FIL kept on teasing him, and he shouted ‘NO!’ Now, although that was funny, but I had to draw the line there, telling him one, it’s not nice to shout and two, he can’t shout at his grandpa.

Hmm….. could it be the Efalex at work?

It had never occured to me. I have never thought about it. Never crossed my mind.

I talk to mums often enough to know some and most single child, they are somewhat selfish and reluctant to share their ‘properties’ with others.

I have also personally witnessed many a times when we were at someone’s place and the child will snatch away whatever Aidan was holding. No, of course I am not angry at them. It’s just their nature, although we have to teach them to share, repeat like a broken record.

Not until today, when a friend came over with her boys¬†and they happily played together. Well, not even then did it occur to me. It was when I was taking my shower (this is when I dig deep ūüėõ , just like men and their poo-breaks) that I thought, ‘Hang on, there was no shouting today about Mine, Mine, Mine.’ In fact, Aidan was cool with¬†his properties scattered all over the floor. Trust me, he knows how to say MINE, when I play tug-of-war with him using one of his favourite soft toys. They even played ‘fishing’ together.

Boy, am I proud of my bubba ūüôā

Just a little diary and update since…….

Less temper tantrums. More likely to understand, or as far as I can observe, actually taking in and digesting my words. Used to be a no-no when I said no ice-cream now, lunch first. But these few days he seemed to understand what I am saying, but most importantly, trust me on that.

Meaning, I have to honour my part of the deal.

He still goes back to the occasional ‘uh-uh-uh’ when he wants something, but I will just look at him and he knows that I want him to tell me, so, it’s something on-going but working. Like today, we had a long walk at Pakenham Lakeside and he was obviously tired from walking, poor bubby, he turned to me and said ‘Mummy, pou.’ (Pou meaning carry in Cantonese)

Relates funny stories sometimes that sends me cracking up. Dino¬†shrunk, so we put it into a small tub of water, and it grew to its full size again. Aidan saw Dino in the water and said ‘Dinosaur swimming’. Today he was in bed with me for arvo nap, not that he had a nap, I fell asleep instead. He had all his favourites with him and was counting them…’Puppy, and Quackquack, and Eeyore, and Hoopla (rhino), and Honey Bear, and Leopard, and chow chow (smelly blankey). I know, that’s a LOT of favourites. And if one is missing, because I hid it, he will go ‘Where Puppy? Where?’ and goes round the rooms searching for it.

Things has been going smoothly these few days.

Aidan has less tantrums, or maybe he’s just getting what he wants? ūüėõ¬† We didn’t do much on Sunday. Slept in (me), went to Chaddy, walked, ate, bought some groceries, came home and relaxed till I had to get ready for work. The usual.

On Monday it was fruit duty day for me at Aidan’s pre-school. Meaning I had to stay there for the whole session, with the first hour playing with the children, which was nice. I think Aidan was a little baffled as to why I was there but not attending to him. Good thing he did not make a fuss and sat down to join the other children I was helping with the puzzles. Then it was time to sing and dance for them, and my time to cut up the fruit to bite-size pieces as snacks for them. I had to prepare them in four plates, and filled the plastic mugs with water. The two teachers and myself played waitresses to all these little patrons and boy, were they demanding! ‘I want the blue mug’, ‘I want the purple mug’, ‘I want more grapes’, ‘I don’t like the bananas’, and so on and so forth.

When they were finished, it was outdoor play time, and washing up time for me. Pretty strict but good rules they have on the kitchen notice board. To use yellow sponge to wipe down the tables and bences and the pink sponge for the plates and mugs. Save all food scraps for Aussie the parrot or Noodle the guinea pig, or maybe for some other purpose, I don’t know.

Linda the kindy teacher told me that Aidan responses better to orders better now. And the two carers at the Cabena Occasional Care on Tuesday commented Aidan has grown taller, again. It is too, he looks such a big boy now.

I finally got to go to my hairdresser today. Not that I wasn’t free because of Aidan, but¬†because I try not to colour my hair too much until the greys are disgustingly unbearable. Plus too long makes my hair fall out all the more. The main reason is that my hairdresser was on holiday back to KL and went to China!

I had to say a quick goodbye to Aidan this morning before I left as I wasn’t sure if he was okay to let me go. He is definitely okay with me going to work, apart from a couple of times when he woke up on the wrong side of the bed after his arvo nap. I joined him, Wilkin and my FIL for lunch and when I said I have to go in a different car, he wasn’t happy. Hence, I had to drive Wilkin’s car as the carseat is there.

Got him to take his arvo nap today. Wilkin and myself were in the lounge room, me reading the paper, when he stomped out after a couple of hours later, with pouting lips and watery eyes. He realized I wasn’t in the bed with him and pulled me back into bed. See, he sleeps in our bed in the afternoons, easier for me when I needed a nap too, and in his own bed at night. And all evening, he just wanted me.

I love the feeling knowing that he prefers me, but¬†I am also worried if there is a reason for it. Nothing bad of course. He loves school and everything is fine. Suppose he is twisting me around his little finger?!¬† Not that he isn’t already!

Tonight I told Wilkin to take a look at Aidan’s feet and tell me what’s wrong with his fourth toesies. He too, noticed that they’re ‘crooked’.

Do you suppose something can be done about that? I guess the next person to see is a podiatrist. I think I need one friend in every profession. That will save me heaps of money…


I know he has the worse toenails ever. I know he can win that same title if there is ever a competition for that.

I noticed as a walking baby he walked as if he floor was going to give way. The toes will grasp, or grab at the floor. So, did this contribute to what it looks like today? He never had tight shoes. I made sure it’s comfy and fit, that or either some times the shoes are in fact bigger. Or is that a bad idea too?

Should I be getting some form of bandages or splints to keep them straight? Help! Not another problem please!

It’s Aidan’s first day for swim lessons this term, and still in the ‘Starfish’ group. That’s the most basic class. And I guess the meaning of Starfish here is them not going anywhere and stuck by the wall.. hahaha.

We’ve got a new girl instructor today, I’ve already forgotten her name. Although I haven’t compared her ways of teaching to Megan, last term’s instructor, I still prefer Megan. I was hoping to see Megan’s face when we got there. I guess it’s just me. Then again, I prefer Aidan seeing the familiar face, although he has his friend Joshua with him. Class was only half an hour, but we played for another hour. This time I brought those shoulder floats. I want him to float by himself at the big pool and not cling to me. And it went great. He enjoyed it so much that he didn’t want to leave that pool for the toddler’s.

Back home I think he was a little tired, but fought sleep. So I distracted him and gave him some bubble games to play with. He somehow got into a little mischief¬†and I didn’t realize it till hours later. Nothing much really, but a little inconvenient.

For the past few days he has been going to the toilet by himself more, except for the mornings. He is totally independant for Number Ones but he wants me with him at times. So, this is another happy report.

We had a good mother-son bonding time today and right now, I have to get him away from the mud at the back.

I wanted to send Aidan to Cabena for at least an hour or so before heading of to the psychologist’s clinic in Elsternwick, but I enjoyed sleeping in more.

Aidan has to miss his first day at Cabena but I went in anyway to drop off the money for the raffle tickets to Leslie, the carer. Told her the reason and I left Aidan in the car for a while, for I know if I brought him in, he wouldn’t want to leave. He was looking forward to it, and he recognized the many humps we always have to drive pass on¬†leading to the place.

Anyway, reached the clinic on the dot. The speech pathologist (SP from now on) sat with me for the two hours asking questions and assessing the CARS rating, while the psychologist played structured games with Aidan. Time and time again the SP will ask me if I noticed Aidan playing with a certain manner, when she saw him paying very close attention to the wheels of Thomas the Tank, or some other things that he did that made her think in her professional point of view.

I understand where she’s coming from,¬†but as a parent to my son, I also know that he is very fascinated with toys that are new to him. I think the same goes for any other child, too. BUT, overall, at the end of the session, when I asked how it went, although they can’t tell me anything definite yet, they were happy that he was responsive and interacted well. Aidan seemed to love the big pictures, or large picture books, and lost interest when he was shown more text. I did tell the SP that he’s not really into books, and it could be our fault as parents, not to read to him as often as we like.

The psychologist was pleased that he repeated some play that she introduced, indicating that he remembered, and also that he was willing to interact. He seemed not to hear anyone calling him when he was engrossed with a certain toy, and I did tell them this. Takes after his dad, selective hearing.

He got a compliment that he has been always getting since he was a baby… he’s got a very sweet smile. Always smiling. That made me smile too ūüôā¬† and proud :)) And I felt good to be told that I am on the right track with him now, when I told them we are talking to him more now, and getting him to talk more and ask for things he wants, or taking him to the park I mentioned that was good for his co-ordination skill.

We’ll be going back in two week’s time just to see the SP this time, and then Wilkin has to come along for the third visit for the feedback. From there, we’ll see what the outcome is and what needs to be done.

It’s back to ‘school’ for Aidan and he was pretty excited about it. I said ‘Morning sleepyhead, you’re going to school today!’ and still squinting his eyes, he smiled and said ‘Martin’.

Martin is his so-called friend at pre-school. I said ‘s0-called’ because they don’t actually play with each other, but more like play along-side, and I guess he only knows Martin’s name and not the rest. He happily said ‘bye’ to me when I left him there to do a little shopping, a little housework and glad to get a little breather.

When I picked him up, I noticed Martin was nowhere in site. Maybe still holidaying, or had too much easter eggs ūüôā¬†

I am pretty anxious about tomorrow. I have no idea what they are going to say…


The weekend has been pretty much uneventful, with us and my FIL going to Boxhill for groceries and lunch. Aidan still wants me to carry him, don’t know why. He doesn’t want his dad, not his grandpa, not anyone. Just ME. Should I be flattered?

I bought Scott’s Emulsion today, and when we got home, I mixed it with a teaspoon of Efalex. To me it smells pretty yummy. Aidan loves Scott’s Emulsion. But he immediately knew something was wrong with the taste with the first sip and refused to drink up the whole 20mls. Smart alec.

So I stirred the mixture vigorously and gave it to him, and somehow tricked him, or maybe he knew but since it wasn’t the oily top part, it was okay with him. Today I mixed it with orange juice, did the same, and he refused again at first, but he finished it again. That’s good.

I got the Bumble Bee Action Words Volume 1 Р3 for Aidan from Ebay and today I put it on for him. Volume 1 is just simple words like eat, drink, sleep, smile, jump, etc. with kids doing some cute and silly actions, and he loved it. I know it sounds too simple for his age, but I want him to actually speak out. I hope this will encourage him to do that.

He did actually asked me to carry him today instead of the usual ‘Uh, uh, uh,’ and Wilkin was pleased. If he is improving, I was thinking, should we hang on to the appointment? But I quickly dismissed that thought for I was thinking more about saving the money rather than for his treatment. How selfish of me.

Term Two starts tomorrow and he’ll be back to school. In fact, he has been asking about it a few days back. He looked at me and said ‘School’ many times, as if asking to go to school.¬†Well, am glad he loves school and he’ll be excited tomorrow morning.