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Sunday marked the 8th year we have been married.

Unromantically, hubby wished me Happy Anniversary last Sunday, the day after Aidan’s BBQ birthday party at home. I wasn’t as mad or upset as before now. At least he remembered it’s September! We bought nothing for each other, but I did ask my friend Tili to make two heart-shaped mudcakes to be brought to Blairgowrie,
so at least we can celebrate out of town and have dessert with everyone 😛

No, I don’t have a pic of the cakes, my camera ran out of battery the third night there. Hopefully another friend of mine will upload her camera’s pics so I can keep and show you. But I doubt this will happen in the near future. She is, rather busy.

Here we are, almost ten years in partnership, and pray we have many more tens to come.

I had not a clue

What joy could be brought

From a baby boy in blue,

Whom I adored lots and lots and lots!

The moment our eyes met,

He hooked me right from the start

Feeling his touch, I was all set

To love him with all my heart

Born so innocent and so sweet,

With wrinkled skin, and not much hair

Those tiny hands and cute little feet,

I could forever hold and stare

Days full of surprises, chaos too,

As five years now, has gone by.

Always having something to do,

Wow! How time sure does fly.

Laughter to our life he brings,

Quite “the character” he’s become.

Always doing the cutest things,

“My Little Bubba”, that’s my son.

Enjoy being small and having fun,

Don’t grow up too fast.

Please take your time, son,

As it quickly disappears to your past.

A full, happy life for you, I pray,

Filled with all the good things, too.

Growing up to become a man some day,

Realizing your hopes and dreams can come true.

Edited from MY BABY BOY, a poem by Jamie Lynn Ball from USA

It was Friday afternoon and I desperately called around to check if anyone could fill in my shift at the last minute. My head was feeling rather heavy and my body achy. Unfortunately no one could help out, that meant I had to go in one way or another. I didn’t like leaving my colleague alone as I know it can get very busy at times.

I lay in bed, which was something I usually do not do nowadays, took a little rest. Aidan came to lie down beside me and asked Mama, why you sleeping?

Mama’s head pain pain. I think I have got a fever.

*Touched my forehead*

Head pain pain? Oh, I go get hanky.

No need, Aidan. And I wondered why on earth did he want to get a hanky for.

I got to go get hanky.

I closed my eyes, and must have drifted off. The next thing I knew, there was a damp hanky on my forehead. He was doing what his father did to him whenever he has a fever.

Is that better?

Much better, Aidan. You are such a good boy! Thank you.

You’re welcome!

This is not about Aidan, although this blog is focused on him.

Perhaps it has been a little stressful for me after we got back from our holidays. It is good that Aidan is expressing his feelings, emotions, his needs, his preferences. But it is also starting to unnerve me a little when he refuses to ‘negotiate’. I want this, I don’t want that. No talking terms when he worked himself up.

I had to physically drag him into a room for a program of which he earlier agreed go to, as in, meeting up with two therapists that he already knew. Upon seeing a playground outside the building, he refused to go in, and that was where it started. I dragged him in after minutes of fruitless persuasion. He was strong as. Wouldn’t budge, but I managed somehow. Left him there, and forty minutes later, the therapist gave me a call. Said he has settled down, but wouldn’t engage or participate in any games. Just sitting there by the door. He looked interested in some of the games they play, but being stubborn, he didn’t move from the spot.

Many more incidents of the same, and it’s drawing my energy. Plus, he seemed to be enjoying mentally torturing me, asking me in a tearful manner not to go to work. Why did I think I will have more freedom in doing things as he gets older? I am already worried about how he will cope in a totally new environment next year at Prep, about whether I should work a night less to spend more time with him as he will be spending more time in school. About being financially nipped if I chose to do that.

Barbecue this Saturday. It’s fun to entertain at home. But a little worried if you can imagine fitting 20 people in this small unit. The food, the cake, the balloons, the games, the loot bags, utensils, not enough chairs! Hubby is making a list alright, but he seems oblivious to the things that makes this ‘party’ FUN for a 5 year old. No longer is the old barbecue ‘just cook, eat and yak’ for the adults. He is so much more aware of things now, I want to make it something he can remember by and talk about.

Next weekend, a holiday short getaway with three other families. List of things to buy and bring.

Hence, when I saw my thoughts are uncollected, now I hope you know what I mean. One minute I’ll be thinking about a balloon pump, next some sundried tomatoes for the salad, and decorations for the cake too, baked specially by my friend for Wilkin and my 8th wedding anniversary, at the weekend bungalow.

Oh. Santan for my nasi lemak.

First time we have lanterns at home and it was actually Mama who was enjoying it more than Aidan.

It was a kinder project that was done last week, but since we were away before that, the teachers made him do this drawing before we left for Malaysia. Unfortunately, we didn’t collect this drawing till a few days ago because Aidan wasn’t well last Friday. Nevertheless, Wilkin was very proud to receive the present, and stuck it up our door.

School Transition Day

We went to Parkhill Primary for school transition programme on Wednesday, and it was Aidan’s first day there. I told him this will be his new school next year (although he may not understand when next year is). He took a peek into the classroom and decided he didn’t like it! He kept saying he wanted to go home, and I tried coaxing him to just go in there for a minute for story time, to no avail. He was visibly very upset and said I don’t want another school. I don’t want new school Mama.

Heartbreaking. Although this reaction was expected, but it was difficult for me to see him feeling torn. He is obviously very happy with the way things are, and moreover, he is so confident in kinder now, he is actually a little show-off! Showing off his harmonica, dancing silly movements, and showing off his belly button too!

Fortunately the school transition programme is only once a month at the moment, so that will buy me enough time to drum more fun details into him before our next visit in October. Fingers crossed.

First time he wore this today after buying from KL. Sis didn’t allow him to wear it at her place, all black wor… superstitious.

My little chickee feet Batman 🙂

This morning while I tried to get Aidan to change for kinder:

Aidan : Mama, no school today. School holiday.

Mama : Haha, no Aidan, there is school. Come quick, get changed.

Aidan : No! No school. I want stay home.

Mama : There is school, and you can play with Dinesh and other friends.

Aidan : Go see doctor, Mama.

Mama : Why?

Aidan : Cough cough. No school.

Mama : *_*

When did he learn to think this way??!

For the teachers and assistants at Aidan’s kinder. I have meant to blog about this for a while, but I was away.

The children have ‘Library Day’ once a week where everyone can borrow a book from the kinder and exchange it for another one the next week. The week we were meant to fly, the assistants helped Aidan choose this book:

Did I say they are the best and most thoughtful?

Unheard of! Unacceptable!!

Sorry guys, I’ve been a wee bit behind and frankly, after a month of holiday, with almost no internet for me to use while in Malaysia, it has done me a whole lot of goodness. I got to read a little, and went to bed early. Sounds pretty healthy.

That, plus I’ve been a lazy after giving my blogs a little rest. The days I’ve been back, I’ve spent most of my doing the washing. Many, many loads, changing the sheets, cleaning up the place. Hubby has been a good boy and co-operative. He left me a tidy house to come back to, although he admitted to not cleaning up the place, except for the kitchen. That’s okay. Am back now, to do what I am supposed to do.

Sighhhhhh………. I need a holiday.