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Aidan’s fine motor skills are getting better.  Here he is putting shoe strings through the holes. Got this pack from Art Riot and cost only a few dollars. There are a few more cards in the pack with numbers and other colourful strings.

We had a fine day today, and I had almost three hours to myself shopping at Chaddy. Bought a little prezzie from my grand-niece in KL and believe it or not, the cost of postage is more expensive than the present. Everything was fine, and we even took an arvo nap together, as Aidan obviously looked really flat out. I had to wake him up at 5pm as we were going out for dinner with my DIL and her sister who just arrived from Sydney today.

And boy…. did Aidan make a fuss. He wouldn’t even look at his Dada, and wanted to stick like glue to me. I had to get myself and him ready, and he cried non-stop, up till 6.15pm when we left the house. Wilkin stayed away the whole time, which was good, as I knew he would have ‘blown up’ too after one solid hour. And I thought those baby days are over. In the car I tried distracting him with lots of things, and eventually he took to the mobile phone, although upon reaching the restaurant he repeated the stints.

Eventually he warmed up to the place, looking at the fish tank, and enjoying the prawn crackers. I was a little tired by the time we got home. After his shower, he played a little and I told him to go to bed. He looked at me and said ‘Milk?’

D’oh! That’s right! Silly mummy… how can I forget that?! Smart boy 🙂

Wilkin took a sicky today as he’s got a cold.

I didn’t know about it and of course he didn’t wake me up to tell me. He was up early though, not sick enough to miss the gym. The first thing I knew was that Aidan climbed into bed beside me, giving me his empty bottle. I thought that was kind of strange, as Wilkin would have already left for work when Aidan wakes up. So there was three possibilities. One, Aidan woke up super early. Two, Wilkin went to work a little late and three, I forgot to wash the bottle last night?

Couldn’t be number three as even so, Aidan won’t take the used bottle from the kitchen and gave it to me. Anyway, I drifted back to Slumberland and Aidan, as usual, entertained himself beside me. He is like that. He won’t go to the family room to play, he won’t wake me up asking me to switch on the TV. He will play by himself beside me, pulling my doona, flying like Superman onto me, stroking my hair, poking my nose.

Confirmed he doesn’t have a hearing problem as at the slightest click, he ran out from the room towards the kitchen, stared at the back door for a while, and dashed back very excitedly into my bed, climbing underneath the doona. This is a game we play. Whenever Wilkin comes home, we will both ‘hide’ underneath the doona, him shouting ‘Dada! Where’s Aidan?!’ and Wilkin will come stomping into the room and ‘discover’ him. He gets so much laugh out of this and the hiccups after it too.

I thought I heard a click too, but I thought I was wrong. Aidan was so excited under the doona and I felt a little sad to tell him ‘No Aidan, Dada went to work. He’s not home.’ But hey, 30 seconds later I got a surprise. With Wilkin home I got to do more housework and finished just in time to send Aidan to Wayburne. Then we went to Chaddy, walked around and had lunch at Pancake Parlour. I’ve been craving for pancakes for quite a while and I ordered a short stack (2 pieces) with caramelised walnuts and ice cream. MMmmmm….. lovely.

Believe it or not, this is the first ever time for us to go out without Aidan, not running an errand or doing something, but actually has nothing to do, sitting there and enjoying lunch, just the two of us. AND I FELT AWKWARD! Hahhaaha…… funny or not? Me. Feeling awkward with my own hubby. He must be relaxed too, as we talked about his family, then about Aidan, and agreeing to what I had to say most of the time. I know! I should’ve gone a step further and asked for the impossible, hehe. Like getting rid of the big dining table so I can hopefully redecorate the place.

Wow… if he can pull more sickies like today, then we can pakto more, ya? Put some sparks back in, eh?

How’s that?

I didn’t realize he drew this until much later in the afternoon. I was very, very, pleasantly surprised. I asked him what it was, and he replied ‘Smiling’….. well, of course not the exact pronounciation, but I knew what he meant.

I really do not know what to think of this at the moment. I have reached the confusion stage, or rather, is it denial stage? It can’t be denial stage, as I know clearly he does have developmental delay, yet with all the materials I have been gathering information from, even the mildest form of ASD, he seems far better than that. I am definitely confused.

His milestones so far, he has learnt to keep his blanket on! He used to turn like the hands on the clock and will kick the blanket off. Lately, it stays. As I wake up later than Wilkin, I did ask him one day if he tucked Aidan up in the morning. He said no. So it was great news for me. Just in time for winter. Usually I will have to tuck the blanket firmly into the sides of the bed.

Although he presents repetitive play, it’s nothing like what I read. He doesn’t get upset when I interrupt him. He more than welcomes me to join in the game. He even wants me to stay in the toilet with him when he does his number 2s. Heh. He’ll say ‘Mummy tays’ (Mummy stay) and would want me to read his Winnie the Pooh ‘Tohwistime’ (Storytime) to him. ‘Snake’ will be ‘nakes.’ Unlike classic symptoms of an autistic child, he is easy-going, flexible, and easily adapts to changes. This is very apparent as he has no problem when we flew back to Malaysia for the past three years, or staying up late on weekends in our friend’s place.

I borrowed a book from the library yesterday with action words and pictures, and today, he remembered most of them. Wilkin has gone through it with him last night when I was at work obviously. There are words like, walk, run, jump, climb, pull, push, wave, share, stir, laugh, press, carry, etc. Although I am impressed, I am a little reserved. I kind of read about thinking in pictures by Dr. Temple Grandin, and I am thinking ‘photographic memory’ perhaps?

He is doing well with his phonics though, for example I got him to spell out each letter of the word ‘PULL’ and he did go ‘P – puh’ and so on. We are so keeping our fingers crossed that he can only improve.

Went to our GP for two things, after dropping Aidan off at Cabena.

First, all about me. I wanted a TSH test done. I’ve been told many years, many times, by many people, including doctors I know back in repping days, that my neck looks kinda funny. I didn’t bother. Not until someone recently told me it may have something to do with my hair loss. After examining me, she gave me the go ahead for this test as well as an ultrasound. Gee… so it was obvious to her too. If my hair loss has got anything to do with the result, I’ll kick myself for leaving this so long.

Secondly, I showed her the paperwork. She said it’s best for the paediatrician to sign it. Afterall, she was the one who recommended an assessment in the first place. So, I quickly called Dr. Heathershaw up, knowing that the appointment list is always long. And here we have it. June 19th. Geezzz…. to think you have to line up to give them money 😛

Then I drove over to Warooga, handed in a copy of Aidan’s report to this early intervention centre. I called Geraldine yesterday and I think they are happy to have him back, most probably on Monday afternoons. I’ll be waiting for a call from one of their therapists these few days.

I went to the Glen, bought some scrapbooking stuff. I plan to do a little decorating on the notice board where it will be used together with Aidan, showing him the days and what he can expect to do on that particular day, e.g. Monday school, Thursday swimming. Sort of like a routine where he can look forward to.

Then I bumped into Sue and her son Nicholas, who also attended Warooga early intervention last year. It was great because we started sharing stories right away over Gloria Jeans coffee. Nicholas was diagnosed as autistic as well last year, and I got valuable information from her on where I can get support and help. We plan to get in touch with another mum Kaye, so we can have a get-together some time. Great day so far…. except for feeling brrrr… cold.

Gotta go sort out the paperwork and appointments again. So, guess who’s doing all the secretarial work at home?

Yay! It’s me being silly and lazy not bothering looking at the FAQs… I’ve got it now 🙂

I have been trying to load some pics up here, but it seems its either too thumbnail small, or very big! Even that it’s a vertical rectangle. Plus, the pics turn out blur. What should I do?

And can anyone tell me how to fix the flickering flickr widget to my own pics?


He did it!

Sorry I don’t know how to embed the clip here. WordPress is depressing.

See what he just did? He managed to pair up those shapes and alphabets, I don’t know what his brain was thinking, shapes or alphabets, but he paired them! Although still clumsy with the mouse and using two hands, he did it! Earlier he was holding Puppy and telling me something like ‘Outside done’ and repeated it twice when I didn’t get it. And then I realized he was actually trying to tell me he was holding Puppy ‘Upside Down’! He loves Puppy a lot. If you are wondering, it’s the Avatar I use on MyBlogLog and Yahoo Messenger. Wow…. this is going really good. I am loving every moment of it, EXCEPT, when he wakes up from his arvo nap, he cries and wants only me. We just had a bout of it earlier in the evening. Anyway, am still 50-50 on contacting the early intervention centre again. Maybe I should ask Becci for a referral, then they are more likely to accept us again, if I decide to go back that is. I know it’s not a bad move, but he’s showing so much improvement. I donno…..

And hey, can anyone tell me how to change these flickr pics on my sidebar to MY OWN pics? Pretty please?

Yes, I have a new butler. I hope he remembers what to do or repeat what he had done this morning.

 Funny how he always wants me to go to the toilet with him when he can fairly well wee by himself, although a little messy 😛 Just this afternoon I think he purposely aimed a little higher and the wee splattered the rim of the bowl. And I said ‘Haiyah, I just cleaned the toilet bowl.’ And he went ‘Heeheeheehehehehee’……

Anyway, he wanted me to go to the toilet with him, and dragged me out of my comfy, warm, soft, siggghhh…. oh yeah, my bed. Okayy, okayyy. I got up and never would I have guessed what he did next. He got my pair of spectacles ready for me! So he actually noticed, after 3 1/2 years, that I need my specs first thing in the morning to move around! I was surprised, and happy of course. And I said ‘Thank you’ and gave him a big kiss.

Then earlier in the afternoon, I heated up my wheat pack. I like to put in on my lap while I click away on the keyboard. Keeps me warm. When the microwave beeped after four minutes, I was doing something else. Aidan took it out, and brought the wheat pack to me, holding it with both hands, rather heavy, and said ‘Warm’.

That was SO cute. I was surprised by him again for the second time on the same day. I had to give him such a BBBIIIIGGGGG hug.

He loves his Efalex now, and even pours himself a big helping of Goji Juice everyday. He drinks it more often than I do! And THAT, is expensive 😛

Is it that he’s really picking things now, or should I reward the points to Efalex again?

Aidan is not too keen for grainy stuff. I can’t buy the multi-grain bread which I sometimes like to eat, but because I know he’ll turn the other way, I have to settle for wholemeal.


FIL likes to go to the casino and waste a little time at the 1cents pokies and slot machines. And each time he reaches a certain amount of points, he can redeem those with lollies, chocolates, peanuts, jellies, and in this case, the crackers.

Previously he had always brought a whole bag of jelly babies, or Marzella jubes. All full of sugar. And I always had to hide it from Aidan, either take these packs to work to share with my colleagues, or wallop them all by myself 😛 I didn’t quite like him giving Aidan lots of lollies, but how do I tell him?

As with other times, I will offer Aidan a piece and look at his reaction. He is such a little puppy. He will sniff it, lick it a bit, and if he likes it he’ll eat it. Otherwise, he’ll either turn away, or will go pttthh pptthh if the food has already entered his mouth. But for this multi grain cracker, he loves it. Made in Malaysia some more! I put 5 pieces in his tupperware as snack at Cabena yesterday morning, all gone!

Now I will have the excuse to tell my DIL to get these biccies instead of those lollies 🙂

Aidan’s favourite programme at the moment is the online Starfall site. Beats Foxtel anytime now. By the way, the kids’ programmed on Foxtel I like are:

Little Einstein – a fun way to make classical music sounds fun, introducing musical instruments and rhythms.

Johnny and the Sprites – fun magical creatures, great music sung by the spunky Johnny. Psst! Tell you one secret. I love performing arts, therefore I hope Aidan will somehow get this part of my genes and do some great tap-dancing too. Just hope he doesn’t follow his dad, who has two left foot and can only booty-shake.

Just as well he likes those too, plus Balamory, a Scottish TV series with a missy who says ‘Roight, hhwat are we going to do todee?’  or something like that. I think the show is axed or something, can’t seem to find it on. He likes Jojo’s Circus, and sometimes Mickey Mouse Club, Handy Manny and Blues Clues, depending on his mood. And oh yes, Little Bill. He can even sing a song that is in it. ‘This little heart of mine, I’m gonna let it shine’ but all I can hear is ‘… shaiin, …shaiin, …shaiin.’

Too much TV huh? It really depends. If I don’t switch on the TV, he will not ask for it and it can be off the whole day. Really. But once the TV is switched on, it has to be HIS channel. Doesn’t matter if he’s not watching it, Wilkin can ‘ask’ for his sports channel, and I can ‘ask’ for my News and Current Affairs, he will say ‘No’. Before you start thinking I am a weird woman who doesn’t watch Desperate Housewives, Lost, Ugly Betty, Heroes, House or Grey’s Anatomy, it’s just that these series FALLS ON THE DAMNING NIGHTS I WORK!! *Ahem…*cough, cough*…. * 

Anyway, back to Starfall. Just last week I had to click through everything for him. Today, just today, after two days of coaching, he finally clicks the mouse by himself! I think I’ve mentioned before his fine motor skills need tuning, so yeah, this is really good.

Things are just falling into place much quicker than I thought, although there is still a long way to go, but I am very happy with the way things are.