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Aidan is getting more confident in playing at Parkhill schoolground. We have brought a lot of things, and on the bonus side, Wilkin finds the flat surface of their court perfect for Aidan to learn cycling, without the trainers’ wheels! Not that we have already done that yet, but it definitely sounds like a good idea. So far we have also brought a ball, and perhaps the next time the roller skates.

I had to work extra shift this week, therefore wasn’t able to bring Aidan to visit his class when there are children still around. Instead I told Wilkin to continue taking Aidan there, and happily for me, he told me Aidan actually strolled into the classroom on Wednesday by himself, although there was no one around, except the cleaner.

The staff at Parkhill has been extremely helpful and just earlier this afternoon, Aidan’s prep teacher for next year visited the early intervention centre where Aidan goes to every week, to observe and had a little chat and play with him. This helps a lot for the coming Orientation Day, which is next Wednesday. He will have a familiar face to relate to.

I feel so blessed with so much professional help around me all these times. Mind you, not all are as caring even if we have the money to pay for it. Aidan is indeed one very lucky boy.

Very lucky indeed, that I didn’t think of spanking him this morning when he had my temper elevated 😛

Sunday 19th October – 10.30am

Brought some snacks in Aidan’s lunchbox, and together with his bicycle and scooter, we headed off to Prep school. Again, he asked Daddy where are you going? upon recognizing the route. I reassured him again there was no school that day. We would just cycle and play.

This time, we went to the front school, where there was a big basketball court. Aidan rode his bicycle, I scooted after him. We later wandered around the play area. Daddy was being an old monkey, hanging onto ‘spider webs’. Aidan loved the water basin where there were a few squirt taps.

He was more relaxed than the last time and was willing to peek into the preps’ classroom. Obviously, no students were around, but we managed to observe a few photos from the outside and talked about that.

Twenty minutes later, we had his favourite snacks out of his lunchbox at the court. Beautiful day.

We left, and praised him for playing so well at Prep.

Getting there…. getting there…..

Saturday 18th October – 1.30pm

Considering he was ‘traumatised’ the last time he was there, I took him there again nearly an hour before class started, just to play in the playground and loosen up his anxiety a bit. Upon turning into the driveway, smart rascal recognized the place immediately and started to plead, wanting to go home.

Refused to leave the car. Left him there for 5 minutes while I walked off to the playground.

Managed to get him out of the car on the pretext of going to the loo. Refused to enter building. Started to cry, really upset.

Took him to playgrond, sat him down on my laps, and we just sat there for about three minutes, doing nothing. Brought his attention to ants around us. Started to have a little fun hitting ants. Yep. Other friends started to arrive. Good idea to meet outside the building and all went in together. Made him felt part of group rather than going in alone.

Saw Alan, a friend from early intervention, and he immediately lit up! My heart lifted as well. Told Anastasia, Alan’s mum, she was my saviour!  Aidan went through the class without a hitch! And I even managed to drive off to nearby shopping centre for a while.


Aidan is still not accepting the fact that he will be going to a new school next year. He refused to go into the classroom again last week for the second time, although this time we made a pact, i.e. we go in for story telling and he will get to choose a Slurpee or Chuppa Chup. Without a doubt, he went for the first option, with demands of a ‘giant’ size and in pink!

But he didn’t keep his part of the bargain, so I didn’t give in to his crying and whinging when he demanded for his ‘reward’. Sigh… it will be tough for both of us. If only Wilkin understands how discouraged I felt. I mean, he knew all about it, but not being the person who actually handled the situation, I guess it is rather difficult for him to imagine that.

Therefore, current project is to make a ‘story book’ about going to Prep. First, we brought him to the playground during the weekend just to play and have fun. He was quick to recognize the route and said No school today. I told him there will be no school, no story telling, just to play, and he was more relaxed, although VERY suspicious 😛

I took some photographs of him having fun.

During the week I visited the school without him, and the vice principal took me around the place and have these ones taken:

In the classroom

Cosy book corner

Computer corner. Surely this will excite him!

At the courtyard.

And a few more. I really, really hope for the best. I know he will do great once he settles in, but meantime, it is the cosy, confident shell that he doesn’t want to come out from. He is too relaxed at kinder, knowing everybody. It will be hard for him, yes, for he has to make new friends all over again. Everyone kept telling me that he can easily catch on how I feel. And I am feeling very nervous. Could it be that? Smart alec. Needs a good smack on the bum. Talking about that, he has gained a little weight, very cushy to cuddle and smack 😛

So this is another year of kinder pics. I wonder how many school pics we will end up with when he turns 17. Every year they are sure to have class photos.

Comparing last year’s pics and now, he has grown so much. So did his friends.

Can you spot him?

While other mothers have been drumming their fingers while their children do some drawing, reading or any table top activities, yours truly has done nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I do read to him, sometimes. When I don’t feel slacko, that is.

I feel shocked, surprised (not exactly, it was more of denial) amazed and embarassed when I see mums spending time with their children on table top activities. While they are doing that, what am I doing? Sleep? Right here romancing the keyboard? Watching TV? Guilty for all three!

He will be in prep next year and through last month’s experience in transition program, I realize I really need to do something. It is difficult to decipher Aidan’s recent behaviour was due to his blooming personality of a typical 5 year old, or has it something to do with his special attention needs? At times it is really frustrating for me, and admittedly, I lost my cool last week.

Still, the show must go on. If can’t take the straight road, detours I must go. And I hope I can stick to my guns. With his short attention span (and my lack of patience, no less) I will try sitting down with him for 10 minutes everyday, just for a short story, or to colour in a picture. Today was a good start. Followed by a home-made cordial icy pop.

But having said all the negative things, I am happy he has improved in one area, that is eating his greens!

He loves his brocolli.