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Aidan is obsessed with MY Nintendo DS. And ever since I bought the R4 card, which holds about 70 games, he couldn’t get enough of Mario.

I would allow him to play in the evenings after dinner, and longer hours during the weekends, but he asked my permission for ‘Mario’ one morning before going to school. I said no. No Nintendo in the morning.  He understood and made no fuss. I guess he was just trying his luck.
After he came back from school, right after he took off his shoes, he asked for ‘Mario’ again. I said no. Not right after school. He had to get changed, a little snack. Basically I just wanted him to chill out and not jump into any computer games. Goodness! Much later when I have finished preparing dinner and int he shower, getting ready for work, he popped his head in to ask if he could have ‘Doggie’ and I thought it was late enough, I said okay. See, I have a virtual golden retriever named Mike. Aidan must have thought I didn’t allow him to play with Mario so he changed his tactic.

When I got out from the shower, I heard the game he was playing with and it was Mario.

Where’s the doggie, Aidan?

(Maybe he decided when he picked up the NDS console, he changed his mind and played with Mario instead of Nintendog. Or, he thought he was caught in a lie) And the answer?

Doggie said goodbye to me.

Which is which? You go figure!

But I must say, I am immensely pleased!  Well, not that he has learned to lie, but it showed he had an action plan! Yeay! Kick-a**!

That was the question Aidan asked me about the car.


Mama, caterpillar. Living, or non-living?

Living. Why Aidan?

It moves.

Mama living or non-living?

Living, of course! Haha… why?

You breathe.

Aaahhh… the nice things they teach in prep.

Thomas, living, or non-living?


No, it’s living.

Thomas is an engine. Engines are non-living.


It moves.

Wow….. good thinking Aidan. The fuel to his brain is starting to fire up. I am pleased.