Moo! It’s the year of the Ox, albeit a slow one, for me that is, to be wishing everyone on the 5th day. Still, MMOOOOO!!!!

We entered this new year with fairly hot weather. I remember the chillier days a few years back, but THIS! This, is just HOT. Today is the third day in a row that the weather has risen about 43 degree Celsius. I have been ditching, as I have mentioned in my other blog, my hubby and my bed to sleep with Aidan, just because the evaporative cooler is in his room. In the previous years, it took about 2-3 days for the water in that cooler to be used up. Last night, I topped it up before going to sleep at about 1am, and it has already dried up before we woke up at 8am.

We took refuge at the shopping centre yesterday. So did everyone else. Hence it wasn’t that cooling after all. We again took refuge at a much cooler place earlier this arvo at the pool. Still full of people, but at least it was only half of them. The reason being some schools have already started yesterday. Imagine everyone still on holidays.

My jaw is in pain right now. Aidan jumped for the first time in the large pool, and I was afraid he couldn’t find his footing. Obviously, it was my fault. I hovered frantically over him, trying to find his hands so I could pull him up. He did find his footing, and pushed himself up, while my chin was right under his head. Slam! I swore that would have dislocated my jaw! He rubbed his head, I rubbed my chin, but I didn’t tell him how painful that was. For a while I was in a daze.