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I have been trying to get Aidan to have his long overdue haircut again. The last time we did it was he agreed to let me cut, only to leave a bad experience for him, because the trimmer I have hadn’t been oiled, and hair got caught in it, causing him pain.

Today, I told him if he wants to go in an aeroplane to go see Kay and Yan (his two nieces) he will need one. He was almost in tears, but was okay when Shirley used the scissors instead of trimmer. Dad requested for a tail for Aidan. I was like…. Whhaa..??! Naturally he wasn’t happy when he didn’t spot a tail when we came home. So….


And after.

My handsome boy 😛

And eversince this haircut, he has been pestering us to take him to the airport, sit on an aeroplane, and go see Kay Kay and Yan Yan. I did promise didn’t I? But he doesn’t quite understand when August is.


I wrote about getting a kit for Aidan to learn on going to the loo and wiping the bottom about two months ago.

A week down that track and three more weeks after that, he has been wasting toilet papers, mainly just pulling it long and chucking them down the toilet bowl. He copped a few from me, whenever he thought I wasn’t looking.  So I had to reinforce the message Wee wee use one paper, poo poo tear only two at a time. After some drumming in, I think he finally got the message, and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief again on seeing the toilet roll still survived after three days.

Recently I thought I haven’t actually seen him doing his poo, and was getting worried if he was constipated. But there were numerous occasion where he cleaned himself up, which is great. Still, being a mar fan mother, I fretted over the thought if he did, indeed cleaned himself properly. So yesterday when he told me I want to go tooiilet, I said to him to tell me when he was done. He did. Automatically, I reached for the toilet paper, and pulled three squares, and told him to bend down. I know, what the heck for, right?! I shouldn’t be going backwards! He was doing so well! Anyway, that wasn’t the issue.

Mama! (pointing to toilet paper) Two! Only two!!

Jar dou.

He was meant to colour this:

But got a little carried away instead…

But I never get to blow the candles anymore.

Guess who ate all the chocolate wordings and the flakes?

Remind me never, ever, to try to upload any videos here. Much as I dislike using Youtube, I had to comply to their terms but even then, can I put it up here?


So, this is a preview of what I wanted to upload and if you want to view what Aidan’s new game is, you will have to go to this link.

I was at work last night talking to my colleague comparing our kinders and it made me realize I have the best one for Aidan (let me know if yours is better!).

When Aidan was in three year old kinder last year, Mrs. Lu was most supportive. Now that he is in the second year, both teachers and all three assistants are, should I say again, the best ones I have known. The directress, Mrs. McIvor, has been monitoring Aidan’s progress and I am grateful to get feedbacks from her and Mrs. Staffieri. They are firm with the children when necessary but under no circumstance have I seen them losing their cool. I have been blessed with knowing nice people. Even when Aidan was at occasional care, the carers there were excellent too.

Not so when my colleague told me that her son’s teacher told him to Get out of my office when he tried to approach her. No one at home says this, and they do not have an office at home. Children mimics most accurately, so where do you think this five year old got it from? Unlike mine who offers me extended hours when it becomes available, hers didn’t even get back to her when she knew there was a vacant spot, as she is one of the committee members. Her son has reached the point where he prefers staying at home rather than going to kindy. There were other issues as well. It is important that ‘school’ is fun, and that children look forward to learning with interest, but if this happens, especially when it comes from a teacher, when she should be supporting the little learners, it may cause negative impacts.

I wonder, why become a kinder teacher when one doesn’t like working with children? So why, did my colleague stick on? It’s not as simple as switching schools. Not easy to find another one available in the middle of the year, plus uprooting her son from his kinder and friends will be the last resort only if really necessary.

I am glad my gut feelings was working well, that I made the right choice after narrowing down to three kinders two years ago.

One of the little girl at kinder with Aidan will be going away for the rest of the year and Mrs. McIvor asked me today if I am interested in sending Aidan to a full day kinder on Tuesdays starting next term. That will be from 8.45am till 3.15pm.

She has been the dearest directress who has been looking out for me on Aidan’s progress, and I know she is thinking that it will do Aidan good with the full day, in transition and sort of getting him ready for next year’s Prep. That would be great, for him to familiarize with longer hours in ‘school’, and hmm….. for me to muck around, and see what I can do by myself for six full hours! That’s training for me too for next year! For sure I won’t be in a hurry to look for an extra job during Term One.

Also I was happy to know that I can let Aidan bring yogurt or fruit puree, instead of his usual cheese stick. I was wondering when he will get tired of the same thing every day. At least now he can have different snacks daily.

It was kinder duty for me this morning, second time for this term. It is really interesting to see how the children have progressed, and naturally (secretly), as a mother, I am bound to compare Aidan and the others.

It is not that I do not have confidence in my son, but I have expected his peers to know more than he does. Therefore, I was surprised to find that there are many of them who still weren’t sure of the names of shapes, especially the rectangle. I admit it is a hard one to remember, but that led me thinking, so do these parents sit down and spend some time with their children reading a book?

There was one boy who particularly interest me. He was the typical stubborn type. He refused to come to the table when I called out for him, and when he did, after the instruction of the teacher, he actually did a very good job. Part of my responsibility was when the cut and paste the shapes, I need them to tell me the names e.g. circle, square, triangle and rectangle. This boy said ‘button’ when I pointed to the circle and ‘box’ when I pointed to the square. Talk about thinking outside the box! He may be one stubborn nut head, but I think he will do good. Also, he could be a good bully, because that was exactly what he did to some friends and Aidan.

I was there to witness today, Aidan being pushed by this boy, not the one that I mentioned earlier in my posts. This time, Aidan turned around, faced him, and he said STOP! with his palm facing out. Immediately the teacher praised Aidan for that and she excitedly turned around and asked me Did you see that?

Did I see that? I was as proud as a peacock because my message got through! As for the boy, with his care less attitude, said something and went to take a seat at the back of the class.

What a mixture in a class. Some loud, some timid, some silly, some stubborn, some assertive, some unsure. Am I ready for Aidan’s prep next year? Sigh, no, but bring it on. We’ll tackle it heads on.

This is what I have been giving Aidan for the past two weeks, replacing his full cream milk. It’s organic, gluten free and lactose free.  Made from brown rice, it tastes a little like soy milk, only lighter. 

Light it is, as it isn’t that sustainable, and Aidan gets hungry quicker compared to his old milk. I haven’t started Aidan on a strict gluten/casein free diet, but like I mentioned before, I am trying to change and cut down on whatever I can. He hasn’t had milk since then, apart from his two scoops of formula for that vanilla taste.

Yesterday we were at Hungry Jacks, and I had a cup of Oreo Storm, which was basically dairy ice-cream mixed with bits of Oreos, that came with a value meal. Our little friend took a tasting to it, I though what the heck, might as well let him have some, since he is still eating cheese, and you should have seen the way he was eating it. It was as if he was craving for the taste of full cream, deprived of it (that is true!) and was licking the cup clean, holding it upside down for the last drop! 

I felt guilty for one moment, but thought again, I have to start somewhere. Might as well wean him off some things now rather than going cold turkey on him after our trip to Malaysia. That will be disastrous to us all. It is known that a child will suffer ‘withdrawal symptoms’ if started on this diet fully, and becomes hyperactive, throwing tantrums and is basically difficult to deal with.

As for myself, I have resorted to small packs of long-life full cream milk for my morning coffee fixes. Each pack lasts three to four drinks. More expensive in the long run, but what the heck, I can’t take Wilkin’s non-fat skinny milk. It’s just tasteless and watery. Yucks! How can one enjoy coffee this way, I never cease to wonder. 


Wilkin had his knee arthroscopy done on Wednesday and I took the night off to oversee matters at home. He didn’t need much assistance as he could walk right after the surgery, that was good, but more of looking after Aidan. I must say it was good in a sense that I got to watch HOUSE, and it was the season finale as well! Three straight nights without work actually felt good. It felt like I really had a long break.

I brought Aidan to see a naturopath and a homeopath. There are new supplements for him to take, which I had to disguise them in his food, but the tiny ‘sugar pills’ from the homeopath, he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he asked to have more! Wilkin asked if we have to see the professionals every month, coz if we do, he will have to start considering private health insurance! I don’t know. We will just have to see for the first few months. Hopefully something works for Aidan.

Also, I had ordered for a hair analysis kit to send some samples of hair strands from Aidan to be tested. See if he is high in any kind of ‘metal’ in his body. From there the naturopath will see what needs to be done next.

It’s Saturday night tonight, and right now, after yet another ‘makan’ session at my friend’s place, eating dumplings (by the way, Happy Dumpling Festival tomorrow!) and now I am going to watch dvd with hubby.