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Updating on the post below, I told the teacher and she said it was one of the boys but didn’t name who. I guess it’s their policy to protect the identities. I understand that and I told her I am not angry at who did it, but more of wanting to know what actually happened.

Incident like this is unavoidable, and bound to happen eventually in school life. Heck, I’ve been bullied myself and I bullied someone as well.

Today, she told me that it happened again, but this time Aidan only cried for a while, and was okay after that. What she saw was this boy pulling at Aidan’s leg when Aidan was climbing up a wall of ropes, and Aidan was laughing. The next thing she saw was this boy clobbering Aidan with his hat. When intervened, the boy told the teacher that Aidan kicked him.

Walking towards our car, I asked him if he was hit on the head, and he said yes. I asked who, and this time he told me the name. The same one! (One of the two he mentioned) Since I have gotten the ‘picture’ from the teacher earlier, I was able to put the pieces together, when he said *Name*, let me go. Let me go! I guess he was climbing, the boy pulling at his leg. He would have kicked around, and probably kicked the boy instead? I know Aidan wouldn’t do that intentionally. How could he have avoided that when he was being ‘attacked’ while he was hanging on to dear life at the top of the ropes? So that was why the boy clobbered him.

Anyway, I taught him, if that happens again next time, say Don’t! Stop hitting! and tell the teacher. Well, just read the related story here.

Aidan is such a gentle giant, I am indeed worried on how he will cope with rough kids in school next year, and the years to come. He is a sensitive child, and gets upset easily if other people, except for myself and Wilkin, raise their voices, even if it’s not directly at him.

It will be a long road ahead. And we will face it when the day comes.

I notice Aidan has had a little setback for the past week. He was just so ‘all over the place’ and unfocused. Session with the speech therapist wasn’t good either. She asked one question, he will be ‘somewhere else’ and wanting us to join his cue. That is so not on.

After reading some books and doing some ‘research’ online, I decided to change his diet a little bit. I know it is best all or nothing, but it is quite impossible for us to change it completely as we eat out often, and at my in-laws. Still, anything is better than nothing. Today I have gone berserk with shopping for food and changing my pantry. Where possible, it will be gluten free / casein free diet for Aidan. That means wheat free and dairy free. Pretty difficult right?

I have given him his first rice milk tonight instead of full cream, masked by his two scoops of powder formula (I know! It’s milk!) because he loves the creamy vanilla taste. He seems okay with that. The flour that I use for chinese cooking has been tossed out and replaced with one of those wheat/gluten/GMO/egg/milk/yeast free ones. And the soya sauce, no more Kikkoman, but another salt-reduced wheat free preparation. Needless to say, from now on, his pasta and snacks will be from the health food section.

I find ORGRAN has a wide range of products that I need, although I can tell you the Outback animal biscuits are tasteless, heh. Well, what do you expect? Other than that, I will be getting free-range eggs, preferable organic, just for him. Compare this. The eggs we normally eat, $2.70 a dozen. Organic free-range = $8.00 a dozen, approximately. Then he is still on his Efalex, and I’ve just started him on Inner Health powder for kids. The good bacteria stuff. Homeopath appointment in two weeks’ time.

Gosh. Please tell me what else I haven’t done?

Aidan was fine till I picked him up from kinder just now.

Mrs. Morter stopped me at the door and filled me in the story before I went into the classroom. The teachers did not exactly know what happened but according to one boy, whom they didn’t name, told them that he didn’t want Aidan holding his hand.They suspect he may have been upset because of this. Aidan refused to do his Show and Tell as well after that. He was supposed to sing ‘Bangun Pagi’ and Mrs. Staffieri was looking forward to it as co-incidentally, they are also teaching international language songs.

He lunged forward as soon as he saw me and started sobbing again, but refused to tell me what happened. I took him to Macca’s for lunch, everything was well, and we came home after that. I sat him down for a quiet time and asked him again. He was obviously very upset about it because tears filled his eyes again and his nose went red. This time I managed to get two names out of him, but I can’t be too sure because he has the tendency to reply answers that are out of context. I will have to check with the teachers again next week.

I am not mad at what or who caused him to cry, as he will have to deal with it in school life eventually. But I am really interested in knowing the names are indeed of one the boys’. I will be very happy if he can relate what actually happened, but until then, I will have to work on it.

Dear Sandee,

I am pleased to inform you that Aidan has been accepted for Prep 2009.

I was jumping up and down at the pharmacy when I read this line. The Vice Principle is truly an angel. She is so quick with her work! Now I can reject the offer from the Catholic school with peace of mind.

This is one important task off my list. Now I can concentrate on the others.

No updates at the moment. Just want to share the good news 🙂

This is the hardest part.

I have finally handed in the enrolment form for the school I want Aidan to be in. And still holding on to the Catholic school’s acceptance of enrolment, just in case. When I gave it to the lady in the office, she said she will need the immunisation record and copy of birth cert. Careless of me to forget, but I did ask her if it meant that Aidan will be accepted if they asked for personal records. She said of course he is. I had to remind her that the vice principal did tell me she will try her best to ascertain a place for Aidan since we are of a different suburb. Only then she looked at the address.

Anyway, fingers crossed on this one.

Aidan enjoys he extra lunch hour session at kinder so much that he asked Lunch? today when I told him to get ready for school. I would gladly pay for the extra $4 for him to have lunch with his peers, but the problem is that I can’t think of anything else to pack for him other than sandwich. I do see other kids eating noodles. I wonder if it will be a good idea. I don’t want the teachers complaining about the funny smell of fishballs, haha. But I guess I have to to start somewhere. He will be away for six hours a day next year.

Gotta go pop a Panadeine now. Getting an awful headache and gotta work tonight. Sheessh….

I think this week should end with a big celebration.

I have completed and stuck to every appointment that I made, well, so far so good, the last being today. The paed., tests and on a personal note, I have passed a tedious and gruelling test, that got the big pressure block off my shoulder, which had been bothering me for years.

Just this week, I have received two comments from Aidan’s kinder teachers, both of them, saying that they heard him completed full sentences, in very clear tones. It was just then when I sent him off to kinder, Mrs. Staffieri told me about it, and I was a little skeptical. I asked if he was script-talking, like he was repeating some sentences he watched on TV or some books that I have read to him. She said no. It was something related to the playground when he was playing with his peers. Plus he actually called out a boy to sit down during mat time.

I am so glad he has progressed so much. It has to be something right both Wilkin and I have been doing. For one, I have been reading more books to him, and also Wilkin does spend a lot of time playing with him now.

Here’s to us 🙂

That’s good, isn’t it?

At least now I have only two schools to worry about. Eeny-meeny-miny-moe. One is the Catholic school which has already accepted our application. The other is the one which needs to look at their enrolment list first, saying that although there is no zoning, first preference will be given to children living in that area. While Catholic school has always been my first choice, and that we are very lucky to have gotten in, because firstly, we are not members of the parish, and we are not Catholics. In fact, we are at the bottom of their list when it comes to enrolment.

Having said that, I now prefer the state school, mainly because they seem to have more experience in aiding children with extra needs. The vice principal definitely knows what she was talking about. And that sense of confidence earned my trust, as well as her willingness to help me so much although she did mention we may not end up at her school. I always believe a good leader will have good influence to her teachers, of course, there is always one, or two, bad eggs in the basket. That, I have yet to find out 😛

FIngers crossed again, I will try to keep pressing her to speed up the process, because I have a dateline to accept the enrolment at the Catholic school by the end of this month.

Stress, stress, more stress!

Tomorrow must go to my Asian grocer and buy some yin wor. Bottled ones, of course, ‘bhat jan’ and black chicken.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums.

Last year I got a card and a cookie from Aidan, made in kinder, but ended up being eaten by Aidan himself 🙂

This year I get this. Why he drew a sad face of mine, beats me.

And surprised when I opened up the box to find nothing in it…

until I read this note:

Thank you, Bubba. I love you 🙂

Aidan is much better at Junior Gym.

First week, he didn’t even know how to tumble turn. Second week, he was a little unsure, but with a little practice at home, on my bed, he was okay. Yesterday, they had the route going through some obstacles and it came to a point where he had to do the tumble turn. He was quick at it, although I am still a little worried on how he goes about using the strength on his head/neck.

Then there were hoops. He enjoyed it so much, that we drove straight to the $2 shop and I bought him one. It is amazing there are so many new things I can discover from my own son. He was all squirmy when I tried teaching him how to swing the hoop on his wrist.

Reminder to self : Get cheap shaving foam for sensory play.

 Good for table top activity with washable toys. Pretend play in snow. And also good for a child to play and oodle in the foam in bath tub right before bath time. But beware of slippery floor!