It has been a difficult week for me to have access to WordPress. Every single time when I tried to upload a photo, it will either be super slow or nothing at all. Almost gave up.

Here is my little Aidan, only not so little any more, starting his first day of Prep. That was last Monday. Everything went fine. More photos here


My little baby is a Preppy now. And even outgrew his new uniforms, where I had to bring some back to the shop and exchange for the next size up. Everything was fine, he loved it. I suppose every parent will be worrying about how tired their child/ren will be, I am no exception. But it was I who needed more sleep than ever! Having to work till late night and to get up early in the morning, after three days, I was exhausted. I have to admit I was hitting the gym as well, so by the fourth day, after sending him to school, I came straight home to sleep.

I am also starting my fortnightly Wednesdays off, and I am looking forwards to a longer break this week. I realize I won’t be spending much time with him during the weekdays, where I pick him up from school, come home, and get ready for work myself. Not much bonding time there.Hence, I’ve opt for this solution.

We will see how the the couple of weeks will go. The novelty seems to be wearing off and he was already wanting to do something else other than going to Prep EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY. 🙂