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Aidan saw a bruise on the back of my left hand yesterday. It was just a small skin-off matter which I hardly noticed, but it dried up and the wound turned a little darker.

He gently touched it and looked at me.

Yes, Aidan. Mummy pain. Sek sek. (Stroke it gently) 

He did touch it very gently and went ‘SSsssssssssss‘ (but inhaling) as if in pain.

This afternoon, he brought out his pack of dinosaurs bandaid and gave it to me.


Did you hurt yourself Aidan? Where pain?

He took my right hand, but saw nothing there. I realized then that he wanted ME to put bandain on. I showed him my left hand. He gave me this pained look and went,

Sssssss………….. cream.

And he ran to his room. I always apply antiseptic cream on his wounds before I putting a bandaid on, and he was doing the same to me! although he couldn’t quite figure out which tube was the appropriate one. I think I have nearly a dozen in there, mostly moisturizing creams, cortisone creams, Medihoney, all his stuff. So I helped him find it and said,

Okay, Mummy put cream on. Aidan help Mummy with bandaid.

I told him I wanted the smallest blue dinosaur bandaid, and he helped put it on for me. Satisfied, he left me alone tidying up the place while he ran out to continue playing with his little cars.

Me? Of course I was smiling 🙂 

I woke up with him singing a few songs from Nick Junior and also You Raise Me Up.

He was jumping around me, ransacked Wilkin’s bedside drawer. Remind me to tell Wilkin to safety lock it, because I don’t like Aidan playing with the coins. Then he twirled the curtains round and round, and pulled up the venetian blinds. I told him many times not to, as  neighbours can look in. A picture of a mother still sleeping and her son neglected is not a pretty sight 😛

I spanked his little bum. He pouted for a while, and went back to his mischief.

I had to get up. We fooled around in bed for a while, and I handed him his book.

Gracias! he said.

I am surprised, of course. Good to know that at least Dora and Diego is teaching him something, at least!

Aidan has been running into his room screaming and closing his ears with his fingers when he sees something that bothers him on TV.

Something like a red tomato talking to Ollie from Sesame Street. What is so scary about the red tomato? What did he see in his eyes?

I noticed that he doesn’t like loud noises. He was obviously upset yesterday at the Thomas Tank Musical when the music was very loud. And I can only bring it down to one thing. We brought him to a Richmond Chinese New Year festival when he was only a few months old. There were firecrackers everywhere, and we had to leave because he cried and cried. So, was it that?

I really need to check with the teachers when school reopens again. See if there was any incident that made him feel scared. I never taught him to be fearful of things, but just be careful around animals and places. I have never threatened him with ghosts and policemen, and of the dark, because I was a ‘victim’ of that.

It would be great to know what he is thinking.

Aidan loves watching the song clip in YouTube on ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Westlife.

Little did I know he knows how to sing the chorus, although I didn’t quite catch it at first. It went something like You waise me up, …. mountain…..

Haha. And because he has been watching Winnie the Pooh, now he calls me Mama, just like little Roo calling his mum.

What surprise next?

Update : At this very moment, we found a new clip and he is loving this version by Josh Groban. Not so much of the singer, but he absolute adores the whales! Next holiday destination – Gold Coast!

Wilkin noticed that Aidan plays listlessly, hopping from a game to the next.

We talked about it in the car, and he casually mentioned if we should get a dog.  I was like WHA..??! I mean, hell, of course I don’t mind. I LOVE dogs. But I did tell him although dogs are good companion, how far can it help Aidan? He agreed.

Then he told me he was thinking if we should have another baby.


We had made the decision years ago, and I had accepted the fact that Aidan is the only child. I had asked him before, when I was a little clucky, a little younger. He said no, so be it. But now! When Aidan is Four. When my mind is closed. When my biological clock ticked WWAAAYYYYY past. Sorry, mate. I don’t want to be chasing a toddler in my forties. Not that my pregnancy was all rosy!

But of course, he said he was only playing with the idea. Because having a second child needs a lot of money, on the contrary to what other Aussies told us. We are very comfortable right now, and if we have another child, I would rather not work, and that not only cuts a chunk out of our income, we will be spending a lot more.

So yeah, matey. Please do not give me the heart attack again. Unless you strike the multi million dollar Tattslotto within a year, it’s going to be No Deal.

Now, a Golden Retriever, a Lab, or a Border Collie?

Happy happy birthday from Mummy and Dada.

Today you are blowing four candles on your cake.

You have grown from this

to this

You have made our lives so much richer.Although you do drive us up the wall sometimes, we will not have you any other way. Today and for everyday in your life, we wish you the best of wealth in happiness and health.

Mummy and Dada loves you very much.

It’s a game Aidan loves to play by himself, or actually I think he loves it more when he gets to squeeze either my or Wilkin’s face

I have similar pics at my other blog. Can’t resist posting this up over here 🙂

Today we officially sent Aidan’s great-grandfather to heaven.

From a four generation family, we are now three. Service was held at Blair Chapel at the Necropolis, and Aidan was a boisterous one. Little Aunty Anissa, who is nine months younger than Aidan, (Wilkin’s uncle’s daughter, which means she and Wilkin are cousins) and two other little cousin sisters were sitting down quietly. But this boy just couldn’t stop making noise!

Great-grandpa was pronounced as 90 years old, but we think he was 95. Everything went smoothly. That aside, I am shocked at the cost of the whole funeral. The land itself was about $10,000. The coffin, which looked really good, was $3,800. Funeral service and misc, the total was a whopping estimated $18,000. AUD.

In the nutshell, no money, don’t anyone dare die.

Mummy was REALLY in a good mood today because not only she didn’t scold me for getting dirty and killing her weeds, she even took photographs of me having fun!

Here’s my favourite Winnie the Pooh shovel. 

Mummy took this pic because I think she thinks I have a dirty backside.

At first, I didn’t know she was taking my pics. Then she called my name, and I was caught by surprise!

I might as well smile for the camera 🙂 See me stuffing my boots?

Time was washy hands and finished playing.

Reminder for Mummy: Buy clam shell shape sandpit for summer play!

Mummy’s expensive Global knife sharpener as a slide for Thomas. After a while she kept it away from me.

Then I used the box Mummy brought back from work to pack the clothes I cannot fit in anymore as a boat. Bear-bear and Puppy was with me and I used my golf clubs as oars. Wouw, wouw, wouw your boat, gently down the stweam, Mewwily, mewwily, mewwily, mewwily, life is but a dweam. I made Mummy pushed me all around the house. Wwwweeeeee!! It was fun! Then Mummy was huffing and puffing. I wanted another round but she said ‘No more Aidan, Mummy’s tired!

Spoil sport, Mummy! You should exercise more to keep up with me!