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I was giving Aidan a shower on Saturday evening and noticed this:

Naturally I was shocked, and asked Wilkin if he saw that the night before when he bathed Aidan. He said he was about to ask me the same thing. And I can only put it down to one incident. Thurday’s outing.

It was the only day that he was surrounded by kids at McDonald’s. My friend and I had been chatting while her two boys and Aidan played at the play area. Her older boy Joshua got into a fight with another Aussie kid, as in pulling shirts and feet at each other, but not amounting to kicking, while Aidan was right in the middle of it, staring. I think he was at lost on how to respond, for he had never witnessed a fight before, and also it wasn’t his nature. For the next two days, he kept repeating what we said at that moment, No fighting.

It looks like a pinch with a thumb and three fingers, but I can’t be too sure. If it was painful, he sure didn’t tell me, for he didn’t come running to me crying, like when he fell down and scraped his knees.

Yeah, this Mama sakit hati (heart aches).

I wanted to post Aidan’s kindy concert here but I don’t like the idea of posting his videos up in YouTube. And with the slide shows, somehow WordPress doesn’t support many sites, so, please do click on my other blog to view a few pics of it.

And with the progress of Aidan, he has come a long way. We have much homework to do ourselves with the speech pathologist. It’s not a case of she coming here once and week to spend an hour with him and that’s it. We have to also put time in, at least half an hour each day to sit down and do some table activities with him. You are looking at a mum who hates homework herself ūüėõ therefore you can imagine it is a chore for me. But for Aidan’s benefit, I did the best I could, sometimes not daily, but I am glad when I asked if he liked to do some cutting and pasting, he will say YES.

We have been getting more spontaneous sentences and responds from him, and everytime he does that, my heart soars. He did something yesterday morning in the kitchen and I said Go play outside. You are a naughty boy.

He ran out and a second later, he turned around, looked at me and said No, Mama naughty girl!

Well, what can I say? Heh.

Happy Easter everybunny.

It has been quite a while since I did post here. It was definitely a busy easter weekend for us, plus the pc was out of my reach prior to the days before that.

I meant to post a¬†few pics of¬†the little Easter concert the children on the last day¬†of kinder last Thursday, but something is playing¬†up with¬†our PhotoStudio, so, Wilkin will have to fix that up. I had this pic uploaded last week. The spaceship is what Aidan scoffed up upon reaching home, a biscuit given to every child from Aidan’s¬†kindy mate, Lucas. It was his birthday and his mum¬†made spaceships and rockets for boys and flowers for girls. That was so cool.¬†Really. You think I can make that?¬†Neh.

And as for the bunny, it was the kindy project and Aidan put everything together, from the dessicated coconut,¬†sugar icing, mini marshmallows to¬†the one green teeny chocolate. As expected, he didn’t eat that one, because I figured he didn’t like the coconut.¬†¬†

¬†Term One holidays officially started, and there will me more shopping for us, I guess. Not a very good idea ūüėõ¬† He was already asking for Culdee, another engine. I said we can go to the library. He smiled and said okay, because there was one particular¬†book he liked. I hope I can get the librarian to search it for me.

Two weeks of ultimate noise at home ūüôā

There is a time during kinder where all kids look forward to each day, and that’s the Show and Tell time. A child will bring his or her favourite thing to show to the class and tell them all about it, and other children and teacher will ask some questions.

Aidan is no different. His Show and Tell day is every Friday. He has brought most things Thomas and other engines (pretty predictable, eh?), a book, a couple of other toys. He doesn’t remember which days, but when I mention to him it’s Show and Tell Day, he will get all excited and revved up for school, not that he isn’t revved up every day! His enthusiasm towards ‘school’ delights me, and nothing makes me prouder when he brings home his artworks.

There was a Friday the teacher couldn’t do S&T, because we had a Parents Morning Tea and Snack time, just to catch up on some school issues and get to know each other better. At the end of the session, I took Aidan’s bag, ready to go after their goodbye song. I brought an umbrella in that day because it was a rainy day, and Aidan loves playing with the umbrella. So I was very surprised when he didn’t want to hold it, but instead he wanted to hold on to the book that we put in his bag earlier for S&T. Mrs. Staffieri announced that there would be no S&T session that day, but will do it on Tuesday. Naturally, Aidan didn’t quite understand the whole thing, and he got up as soon as he heard his name being called, walked to the front of the class with a beaming smile, and showed off his book! He thought it was his turn! Mrs. Staffieri gave me a smile, and I smiled back apologetically. She made an exception and gave Aidan the chance.

I was talking to Dinesh’ mum Samantha when the class ended, and Dinesh came complaining to his mum that he didn’t get to show and tell. He said it wasn’t fair. Hahahaa….. Sam was quick to give a smart reply Well then you get to bring your firetruck again on Tuesday, wouldn’t that be nice? And Dinesh was not so unhappy after all.

I have friends who have been giving births, like. all in a row.

I am not joking leh. First Mott, congratulations to the third tike, JH.

Then there’s another friend here Anita with her second child, a boy this time, little Cedric for big sister Ashley.

And my dear friend in Penang, Avelynn, to her first baby boy, Ethan.

Years ago, there was a ratio of 4:1 i.e. four girls to a boy. Looks like now the boys are really catching up. Would I have had a boy too if we wanted another child? I would love a girl, given a choice, but of course, as long as the child is healthy. I want a girl so I can get in touch with my feminine side again, haha. Right now I am really roughing it up with Aidan, like playing Mama and Baby Dinosaurs. That is, Baby sitting on Mama’s back like riding a pony and telling Mama to go Faster! Faster!

With Baby almost half the weight (already!) of Mama’s, I think I’d better be really careful with my back. It’s time Daddy Dinosaur¬†to buck up and take over. Funny how I am the one who is playing rough with Aidan, but Wilkin is afraid that he might get Aidan hurt? Who’s the guy here anyway?! Or is my ‘tomboy-ness’ being confirmed at last?

And I am not liking it. He usually goes for the pink, but it must have been his Daddy encouraging him to try new flavours, which is a good thing, but I am still not liking the blue.

Aidan is having a blasting good time as he has been granted many slurpees¬†for the past few days. This has gotta stop. And if he is going to have one anyway, he’s not having blue!

Like it so much, till he fell asleep with it. I didn’t take this pic though, I was at work and Wilkin snapped it when the evening was too much for our little rascal ūüôā

What’s in there? You will have to see for yourself here.

I have just started sending Aidan to kinder one extra hour a week, which they call it the lunch session. On either morning or afternoon sessions, he will be there from 11.45am to  12.45pm for lunch, where I pack a sandwich and a box of fruit juice for him.

Today is the second week, and if everything goes smoothly, at the moment it is, I will add another day on Term Two, then another on Term Three until he will be going everyday to kinder for four hours daily on Term Four. It is $4 for that extra hour per day, but I am going ahead with it. I have already found that he actually eat when around his peers. I guess it is more fun for him to do so, and I strongly encourage this positive outcome. This independence is a cost I cannot possibly measure. Also, it is a great way to prepare him for prep next year, which will be six hours daily.

He must have had a great day today, for when I picked him up, his hair was soaked with sweat. Also, apart from having to make him say goodbye to his teachers, it was the first time today I witnessed him saying Goodbye to his friends.

Goodbye Dinesh!

And as we were walking out from the carpark, he noticed another friend in a car, driving off.

He shouted Goodbye Ryan!

Happy Mummy? You bet.