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I have mentioned in Bubba Stuff that Aidan wasn’t well last week.

Therefore he has been extra clingy, extra manja, extra demanding. Appetite wasn’t as good either and Wilkin was a little worried that the little rascal hasn’t done a number two for three days now. But what can I do? Shove more veggies in him tomorrow.

Today at kinder his teacher told me that he saw another boy holding onto a toy phone brought from home. He later took the phone out from the boy’s backpack and started playing with it. Naturally when this boy saw, he wanted it back and hence the tug-of-war started. Lynda, the teacher, intercepted and told Aidan he couldn’t just take something without asking. She said Aidan was fighting to hold back the tears, and eventually she asked the boy if Aidan can play with it for a while, and he said yes.

I am fine with that, as kids are kids. I don’t mind the teacher reprimanding him so long he learns.

But I am feeling a little down again after today. I asked about the incident in the car, no reply. He looked at me kind of blankly. When can I get him to understand what we are saying? He doesn’t even comprehend what yesterday is. A fine example when I asked him today what he had done at grandpa’s house yesterday. When he heard the word grandpa, he said ‘Don wan ah’. Meaning he thought we were going to my FIL’s house.

Yesterday we were at a shopping centre and he noticed a shop with a Thomas Tank play area. We were there almost ten minutes, and I told him we would leave in another two. Naturally he said no. Sometimes he’s good. He will hesitate a little while, but he will follow us. Yesterday he refused to budge. Wilkin had to carry him out and that was the end of our trip there. We told him earlier if he didn’t listen to us we will head straight home, and we stuck to our words. At home he threw up another fuss, and I sent him to his corner.

He is a stubborn child. Or is it determined? When prompted to apologize to me when he’s in a bad mood, he won’t. He wouldn’t even look at me. After a few more times, he will quite reluctantly whisper very softly, and expects forgiveness and big hugs. That’s him. The more I am angry at him, the more he will stick to me, wanting me to hug him.

But isn’t he like me? I remembered when I was in Standard Six my teacher made me said please to my classmate when I borrowed her colour pencil without asking, and I refused to say it, just because she told me off in front of the whole class. And I was sent to stand outside for the rest of the period. This is not something I am proud of, and certainly don’t want him to inherit it from me.

So what am I to do? When can I get him to understand us? When can we have a one to one complete conversation?

Yes, he has improved a lot in speech, but still way behind the others. He does sometimes makes me laugh with his words and funny imaginative plays. He has come so far in just a few short months, I should be glad. I know I shouldn’t rush it, and I am not rushing it. I guess I am only human, to feel the way I feel right now.

Will tomorrow be a better day?


Thank you to Criz for giving me this award.

Paiseh only.

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For those who just dropped by to view this humble blog, welcome. It’s my little diary of my little boy.


When I say skunk, you may already know what I mean.

He isn’t too well for the past couple of days, and he didn’t do his number two since yesterday.

For the past 3 hours, he has been a little skunky, producing highly odoriferous farts, marking his presence in every corner, and right under my nose.  Phhooooiii!! When asked if he needed to poo-poo, he said no.

So so lucky for me, he didn’t wait much longer when he let out the last one for the night, and took my hand, lead me to the toilet. Oh yes, thank goodness.

My schoolmate read about Aidan’s nose and she emailed me straight away, suggesting to get Cordyceps as she has tried it herself on her son who has similar problem, and worked for him.

She said instead of getting the expensive ones, there is an option of the capsules by Cosway, which costs about RM30 for 50 capsules. I was excited and naturally wanted to give it a try. I went to Cosway this morning, but instead of getting the Cordyceps, I got this for myself:


AUD$8.50 for 20 packs. Not a bad price considering dollar to dollar. $6.80 for member. I’ll think about the membership. Most things there are not expensive anyway.

Anyway, back to the Cordyceps, they are still trying to bring it in from Malaysia, as they do not have the permit to import this product yet. Darn.  I’ve searched up the net and found this blog Audrey cooks which has great herbal remedies.

Now I will have to scout around for the real deal. I guess I have to get it from here, even if it means more expensive, as I don’t think I can bring it back from Malaysia, with the restrictions and all.

I must apologize, for scaring the wits out of some mums.

*Children shouldn’t snore*

I should add, in general. I didn’t mean all children shouldn’t snore, or that those who do snore have problems.

In Aidan’s case, it definitely raised concern in me, so I brought him for a check up. If you think your child/ren only snores occasionally, especially when he or she has a cold, and that it’s not affecting their sleep, I don’t think it’s a big worry.

Aidan is different. He breathes through his nose.  Well of course we all do! Haha. But his problem is that his nose is blocked, a little swollen and tonsils enlarged. I can actually hear him struggling for air and sometimes wakes up because he couldn’t breathe. And he doesn’t breathe through his mouth. Even if so, the underlying problem is not solved.

So mums, please. Relax. Don’t panic. You know your kids best. If you think they need professional attention, by all means get them checked up. Otherwise, don’t say SWEETPEA SAYS ALL CHILDREN SHOULD NOT SNORE! Hahhahaaaa….

The docs will kill me. (Or should they thank me for sending more patients to them?)

Aidan’s nose has reached the point that we can no longer ignore his snorings and heavy breathing.

Children shouldn’t snore.

During spring last year, he had an allergy test which confirmed that he was allergic to pollen. Then he was alright, but as winter approached, and with the use of our column gas heater, his nose stuffed up again. I cannot imagine how this column heater manage to ‘create’ dust to the extent that I have to vacuum at least the living room once in two or three days. You’d think after months of using it, even if there was dust trapped in the filter it would all have been blown out by now.

The poor boy couldn’t hardly breathe through his nose, which he wasn’t aware of when he’s asleep, but it disturbed me very much. We went to our GP twice, and he suggested to give Claratyne to Aidan for two weeks and see how it goes. Two weeks came and went, nothing changed. I tried using Fess saline nasal spray on him, and on worse nights, Otrivin junior spray, which is not recommended for long term use.

We went to see another doc just to see what he says, and he recommended Rhinocort spray for a month. His nose is a little blocked (heard that many times) and something new to us is that his tonsils are a little enlarged too, which may have contributed to his snorings as well. And if it still doesn’t work, Aidan will need to see an allergist, of which the doc has already written out a referral letter for us. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It has reached the stage that even when he is quietly sitting down, as in resting, I can hear him breathing hard.

I hope he’ll be better soon. Breaks my heart to see him like this, although he’s oblivious to it all.

With winter around, and the lack of outdoor activities, we have been spending more time indoors. Well, Aidan does not exactly mind the cold, but it’s his mummy who is refusing to move her butt from the warmth of the bed, the chair in front of the pc, and our couch.

Needless to say, he has been watching more Foxtel. I don’t know which program he picks it up from, he has been calling me Ma and Wilkin Daddy in a sing-song manner too! He still calls Mummy and Dada of course, but we know he is being cheeky when he goes Ma…aa or Dad…deee. He’s just so funny.

He is still a little clumsy, I think, and I couldn’t help comparing him with a boy we saw at Amber’s Playhouse on Saturday. Heh, this is one of the better Saturdays, no hitam 😛 This little boy looked like he is just around two years of age, but he was manouvering his trike so well. And I did make a comment to Wilkin if we have been actually over-protecting him. Apart from his kinder session where we can’t see, we are so afraid he might hurt himself that we try not to let him do things that look too dangerous.

I’d like to think myself as a carefree mum, yet I am afraid of him falling down and feeling the pain. I keep telling myself I am the cool mum, that I am okay with it. I really feel I am okay with it, but when it comes to the moment if those ladders are too high, or when he tries closing the car door, I freak out.

I don’t do what I preach.. cheh.

I have posted this pic in my other blog but I have to put the pic up here too, coz this is his blog mar 😛


My little rascal looking like a baby again 🙂

I was typing, and I looked around.

Ngook at me. Aidan aikside down! (upside down)

You sure are, baby. Hang on there, don’t move.  Goes to show mummy has serious blogivitis!

 And here’s the pic 🙂

My poor little rascal must have been eating more meat and junk then veggies.

Everytime when he does his number twos, he has a cute expression of his face, am sure you know what I am talking about 🙂 and goes Boing! when he drops the gold.

 Earlier today he was just sitting there, with that familiar expression, and after half a minute he looked at me and said Stuck. Poo poo.

The sequence may be wrong, but that didn’t stop me from understanding him and headed straight to the fridge to dig out some more veggies for tonight 😛

 But for now, eat your fruit, buddy.