Don’t know when it happened, don’t know where he learnt it from (certainly not from his father!), but witnessed both today.

Each morning I would put on some cream on Aidan before he gets dressed for kinder. I have started laying out the clothes for him, and he is to dress himself up. But that’s not what I want to talk about. Aidan started jumping up and down in a jittery manner. Then he turned to face me, all smiley and laughing, ‘Look Mama, wriggly chuuchuu!


In the evening, after he showered, he did the same thing. I told him to stop the nonsense, even though I was laughing inside. I was putting the cream away, when he turned to me, not jumping this time, and said ‘Look Mama‘. I was expecting him to show me something on his PJs, because he was looking downwards, with his hands around his groin area.

My heart skipped two beats and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw his chuuchuu. Pretzel style. Instinctively I slapped his hands off and told him never to do that again. ( Omigosh! Did he hurt himself? Did he damage anything? Did he feel anything?) He looked at me puzzled. Why?

Because you might hurt yourself. And because I said so.

*Pengsan sekejap*