I have just sent Aidan to kinder. As I am typing this, there is a police officer there right now, complete with her police car, with the flashy bright red and blue neon signs, proudly waiting to be shown off to the children.

Remembering how Aidan said last week that he didn’t want to go to kinder because he has already went to Prep that morning, last night I told him that there will be prep, and then school. It is a lot better to let him know in advance how the day will be. Plus it is an incentive as well, when I told him there will be a police car at kinder today.

Today is the last of the 4 sessions of Orientation day. Everything went well. He even proudly showed me his colouring work. Not perfect, but certainly trying his best 🙂 At least he did try to stay in line on the domes! He even told me about the sun (on the left) and the rain.

Well I guess it was a hippo rescue mission in the stormy sea?