I am the prince in the CHAN family. Whatever I want to do, I usually get away with it. Not all the time, but most 😛

One thing that never fails to include me, not that I am asked to be included, but I just love and want to do it, is blowing the candles on birthday cakes and cutting the cake. And eating them of course! And so apart from my very own birthday cake, all the other cakes in the family has to be lit twice and and candles blown out twice. Haha!

But yeh yeh was such a sport, he said it was okay to do it just once. I think he liked the jar of lollies we got for him, and I hope he liked the card I wrote especially for him! Mama helped me with it. (Mama forced him to write one!)

Hmm… I like going to Yeh Yeh’s house more now, because I know the lollies we got him are very nice 😛