The day was Wednesday, orientation started at 9.10am to 10.15am

Knowing my Aidan, the school psychologist, together with the advice from the Prep teacher, agreed that we should be there about ten minutes earlier. The plan was to be in the classroom and let other children trickle in. But as soon as he saw the school filled with children, (school starts at 9.00am for everyone) he started to panic and said he wanted to stay in the car.

Cut the long story short, got him out of the car, half persuaded and half dragged him across the court. He kept doing U-turns but with my persistence, and false bargains, sorry love, we managed to sit on a bench outside the classroom. For about fifteen minutes. Annemarie, the school pscyh, couldn’t get him talking.

Along came Mr. Bransgrove, the principal. They met once before, and Aidan blocked him out as well. This time, all Gavin took was just a minute, to ask what was in Aidan’s bag. To my surprise, he turned around and showed Gavin his Spiderman water bottle. More small talks, more showing offs. Is it a ‘male’ thing or what? Got Aidan interested enough to pick up his own name tag, and I showed him the computers in the classroom. Remember the pics I took of the classroom, he walked straight to the corner and I actually got Harrison, the boy in the pic, to help Aidan with the games.

Voila!! From that moment onwards, everything was smooth sailing! Harrison is such a sweet and responsible, matured boy. Such good manners and so helpful! When orientation was over, I gave him a little reward, a Chuppa Chup. At home, he asked for the game he played there. Hahaha.. I said he can only play that at Prep. I don’t have that program.

The next day, Aidan asked to go to Prep!