Aidan is getting more confident in playing at Parkhill schoolground. We have brought a lot of things, and on the bonus side, Wilkin finds the flat surface of their court perfect for Aidan to learn cycling, without the trainers’ wheels! Not that we have already done that yet, but it definitely sounds like a good idea. So far we have also brought a ball, and perhaps the next time the roller skates.

I had to work extra shift this week, therefore wasn’t able to bring Aidan to visit his class when there are children still around. Instead I told Wilkin to continue taking Aidan there, and happily for me, he told me Aidan actually strolled into the classroom on Wednesday by himself, although there was no one around, except the cleaner.

The staff at Parkhill has been extremely helpful and just earlier this afternoon, Aidan’s prep teacher for next year visited the early intervention centre where Aidan goes to every week, to observe and had a little chat and play with him. This helps a lot for the coming Orientation Day, which is next Wednesday. He will have a familiar face to relate to.

I feel so blessed with so much professional help around me all these times. Mind you, not all are as caring even if we have the money to pay for it. Aidan is indeed one very lucky boy.

Very lucky indeed, that I didn’t think of spanking him this morning when he had my temper elevated 😛