Saturday 18th October – 1.30pm

Considering he was ‘traumatised’ the last time he was there, I took him there again nearly an hour before class started, just to play in the playground and loosen up his anxiety a bit. Upon turning into the driveway, smart rascal recognized the place immediately and started to plead, wanting to go home.

Refused to leave the car. Left him there for 5 minutes while I walked off to the playground.

Managed to get him out of the car on the pretext of going to the loo. Refused to enter building. Started to cry, really upset.

Took him to playgrond, sat him down on my laps, and we just sat there for about three minutes, doing nothing. Brought his attention to ants around us. Started to have a little fun hitting ants. Yep. Other friends started to arrive. Good idea to meet outside the building and all went in together. Made him felt part of group rather than going in alone.

Saw Alan, a friend from early intervention, and he immediately lit up! My heart lifted as well. Told Anastasia, Alan’s mum, she was my saviour!  Aidan went through the class without a hitch! And I even managed to drive off to nearby shopping centre for a while.