Sunday 19th October – 10.30am

Brought some snacks in Aidan’s lunchbox, and together with his bicycle and scooter, we headed off to Prep school. Again, he asked Daddy where are you going? upon recognizing the route. I reassured him again there was no school that day. We would just cycle and play.

This time, we went to the front school, where there was a big basketball court. Aidan rode his bicycle, I scooted after him. We later wandered around the play area. Daddy was being an old monkey, hanging onto ‘spider webs’. Aidan loved the water basin where there were a few squirt taps.

He was more relaxed than the last time and was willing to peek into the preps’ classroom. Obviously, no students were around, but we managed to observe a few photos from the outside and talked about that.

Twenty minutes later, we had his favourite snacks out of his lunchbox at the court. Beautiful day.

We left, and praised him for playing so well at Prep.

Getting there…. getting there…..