Aidan is still not accepting the fact that he will be going to a new school next year. He refused to go into the classroom again last week for the second time, although this time we made a pact, i.e. we go in for story telling and he will get to choose a Slurpee or Chuppa Chup. Without a doubt, he went for the first option, with demands of a ‘giant’ size and in pink!

But he didn’t keep his part of the bargain, so I didn’t give in to his crying and whinging when he demanded for his ‘reward’. Sigh… it will be tough for both of us. If only Wilkin understands how discouraged I felt. I mean, he knew all about it, but not being the person who actually handled the situation, I guess it is rather difficult for him to imagine that.

Therefore, current project is to make a ‘story book’ about going to Prep. First, we brought him to the playground during the weekend just to play and have fun. He was quick to recognize the route and said No school today. I told him there will be no school, no story telling, just to play, and he was more relaxed, although VERY suspicious 😛

I took some photographs of him having fun.

During the week I visited the school without him, and the vice principal took me around the place and have these ones taken:

In the classroom

Cosy book corner

Computer corner. Surely this will excite him!

At the courtyard.

And a few more. I really, really hope for the best. I know he will do great once he settles in, but meantime, it is the cosy, confident shell that he doesn’t want to come out from. He is too relaxed at kinder, knowing everybody. It will be hard for him, yes, for he has to make new friends all over again. Everyone kept telling me that he can easily catch on how I feel. And I am feeling very nervous. Could it be that? Smart alec. Needs a good smack on the bum. Talking about that, he has gained a little weight, very cushy to cuddle and smack 😛