While other mothers have been drumming their fingers while their children do some drawing, reading or any table top activities, yours truly has done nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I do read to him, sometimes. When I don’t feel slacko, that is.

I feel shocked, surprised (not exactly, it was more of denial) amazed and embarassed when I see mums spending time with their children on table top activities. While they are doing that, what am I doing? Sleep? Right here romancing the keyboard? Watching TV? Guilty for all three!

He will be in prep next year and through last month’s experience in transition program, I realize I really need to do something. It is difficult to decipher Aidan’s recent behaviour was due to his blooming personality of a typical 5 year old, or has it something to do with his special attention needs? At times it is really frustrating for me, and admittedly, I lost my cool last week.

Still, the show must go on. If can’t take the straight road, detours I must go. And I hope I can stick to my guns. With his short attention span (and my lack of patience, no less) I will try sitting down with him for 10 minutes everyday, just for a short story, or to colour in a picture. Today was a good start. Followed by a home-made cordial icy pop.

But having said all the negative things, I am happy he has improved in one area, that is eating his greens!

He loves his brocolli.