It was Friday afternoon and I desperately called around to check if anyone could fill in my shift at the last minute. My head was feeling rather heavy and my body achy. Unfortunately no one could help out, that meant I had to go in one way or another. I didn’t like leaving my colleague alone as I know it can get very busy at times.

I lay in bed, which was something I usually do not do nowadays, took a little rest. Aidan came to lie down beside me and asked Mama, why you sleeping?

Mama’s head pain pain. I think I have got a fever.

*Touched my forehead*

Head pain pain? Oh, I go get hanky.

No need, Aidan. And I wondered why on earth did he want to get a hanky for.

I got to go get hanky.

I closed my eyes, and must have drifted off. The next thing I knew, there was a damp hanky on my forehead. He was doing what his father did to him whenever he has a fever.

Is that better?

Much better, Aidan. You are such a good boy! Thank you.

You’re welcome!