I had not a clue

What joy could be brought

From a baby boy in blue,

Whom I adored lots and lots and lots!

The moment our eyes met,

He hooked me right from the start

Feeling his touch, I was all set

To love him with all my heart

Born so innocent and so sweet,

With wrinkled skin, and not much hair

Those tiny hands and cute little feet,

I could forever hold and stare

Days full of surprises, chaos too,

As five years now, has gone by.

Always having something to do,

Wow! How time sure does fly.

Laughter to our life he brings,

Quite “the character” he’s become.

Always doing the cutest things,

“My Little Bubba”, that’s my son.

Enjoy being small and having fun,

Don’t grow up too fast.

Please take your time, son,

As it quickly disappears to your past.

A full, happy life for you, I pray,

Filled with all the good things, too.

Growing up to become a man some day,

Realizing your hopes and dreams can come true.

Edited from MY BABY BOY, a poem by Jamie Lynn Ball from USA