It was a kinder project that was done last week, but since we were away before that, the teachers made him do this drawing before we left for Malaysia. Unfortunately, we didn’t collect this drawing till a few days ago because Aidan wasn’t well last Friday. Nevertheless, Wilkin was very proud to receive the present, and stuck it up our door.

School Transition Day

We went to Parkhill Primary for school transition programme on Wednesday, and it was Aidan’s first day there. I told him this will be his new school next year (although he may not understand when next year is). He took a peek into the classroom and decided he didn’t like it! He kept saying he wanted to go home, and I tried coaxing him to just go in there for a minute for story time, to no avail. He was visibly very upset and said I don’t want another school. I don’t want new school Mama.

Heartbreaking. Although this reaction was expected, but it was difficult for me to see him feeling torn. He is obviously very happy with the way things are, and moreover, he is so confident in kinder now, he is actually a little show-off! Showing off his harmonica, dancing silly movements, and showing off his belly button too!

Fortunately the school transition programme is only once a month at the moment, so that will buy me enough time to drum more fun details into him before our next visit in October. Fingers crossed.