I have been lazy.

Things happens so fast, now I feel that 24 hours in a day is definitely not enough. I just spent the whole afternoon cooking in the kitchen, before going to work, meanwhile I also managed to get a load of washing done. Really have to look out for good weather to do that. I sent 5 items to the laundramat, e.g. 2 doona covers, 1 valance and 2 sheets. Costed me $57.00

Before you start hammering me, I admit my mistake. Tried to take the easy way out. There was good sunshine last week, and I washed 3 loads. Imagine running high on adrenaline trying to clean up the house, so I didn’t want any dirty laundry lying around, now knowing when the next ‘good’ day will be. No more second time.

As with Aidan, although he can seem to be very oblivious to things around him, he is definitely more aware of his surroundings. He seems to have boundless energy, a better appetite, and bless those fingernails! They grow so fast! We went to Lake Mountain for a great snow session with some friends on a 12-seater bus, and everyone had a great time. With all the tobogganing and snow-fighting, all kids, and a couple of teenagers, fell asleep on the way back, except for one. Mine. Even the adults, other than my driver hubby, had a quick nap. Where does all this energy come from?

I noticed that Aidan took after one of my bad habits. Snooping around. I used to do that a lot when I was a kid, snooping at my sister’s room, tearing off a page from her favourite diary, (new and blank), discovering tampons, and a book of human body’s anatomy, man and woman. Such great eye-openers 🙂

There was a Thomas add-on set I bought months ago when Myers was on sale. It was left at a corner and no one touched it, mainly because hubby never snoops, in the Myers’ shopping bag, Aidan couldn’t have known what was in there. Just two days back, what made him decided to take a look at it, I don’t know. He found it, and called me into the room. The look on his face…. priceless. He was so excited! I told him, No, not now. It’s for your birthday.

He went on and on, This present for Aidan. Not for baby, and my…. those tears. He refused to listen, and those tears…. ah well… I had to give in.

Yesterday, he found the Thomas quilt cover set. It was actually safely hidden in the cupboard, behind some oversized clothes. I am amazed he was able to snoop so well and thorough. If he takes after even just half of how sneaky I used to be, I will have no rest. It takes a genius to beat his master. I think I may be in for some trouble.