Term three started Monday but it was Aidan’s first day back to kinder on Tuesday. And it was also his first day with three extended hours. Meaning, two snacks and a lunch.

He was all excited when I told him he could have lunch at ‘schoo’, but I also explained that he would be having another snack there. I was sure it was confusing for him as he had never done that before, and true enough, at the end of the day, Mrs. Mcintyre told me he looked a little upset during second snack time. He may have been thinking ‘Where’s Mama? Why am I still here? This is not right.’

Believe me Bubba, although I had all the time I needed to clean the house, I was constantly looking at the clock. It didn’t quite sit right with me as well. But, you will be fine. We will be fine.

I cannot possibly imagine five days a week next year when he starts Prep. It is a scary thought.