Pseudo-science? Maybe, maybe not.

I have been going to a homeopath for the past two months to ‘fine-tune’ myself. My main concern when I went to see him was my hair loss, amidst other physical and emotional imbalances. Hah. Today, my hair loss is normal, a huge contrast to the drastic amount I found on my kitchen floor and in the bathtub. Too bad he can’t fix greys šŸ˜›

It all started with me. Then I thought, why not give it a try with Aidan too? After all, homeopathic medicine is all natural and safe. If he doesn’t help, so be it. Hence, I started Aidan on these tiny white sugar pills, not sure where it will bring him to, but telling my hair saviour my main concerns for Aidan is his confidence and concentration.

Aidan didn’t mind taking the mini-mini ‘sugar balls’. In fact he usually asks for more. Concentration? Mmm…. naahh, not here yet. It MUST be a male thing. Be skeptical all you want, but we find that his confidence in approaching people is improving, initiating interactions. Well, this and a whole heaps of supplements I have been pumping into him. Efalex fish oil, cod liver oil, zinc and manganese supplements, multivite powder, Vitamin C powder, acidophilus powder. All thanks to yet another visit to the naturopath. WIll be switching Efalex to Eye Q once it’s finished. Apparently Eye Q has got the highest amount of EPA as compared to other fish oil, and it is recommended for children with ADHD. Aidan doesn’t have ADHD, but he will benefit from it as it targets memory and concentration.

Am using gluten free and wheat free products whenever possible, but not completely cutting him out. I know it won’t make a difference overall, but gluten free is always good!