There were two incidents tonight.

First was Aidan came running into the kitchen, kinda yelling Yeh Yeh. Yeh Yeh. Mum, open the door.

I didn’t hear the doorbell. Usually FIL will ring the doorbell, and let himself in. If there was anyone looking for us, they would’ve rung the doorbell. I believed Aidan, but I thought that someone might have already gone, possibly door-to-door sales people. Otherwise they would have rung the doorbell again. For the next three minutes Aidan was adamant. He just wanted me to open the door. Not that he didn’t know how to, but I think he was a little afraid. So I did. There was no one there. I thought to myself, heck, this salesperson must be pretty hardworking to be walking on a cold, wet and windy night.

Half and hour later Daddy got home, and brought in a slight wet disc. He said it was on the doorstep. I didn’t notice that, but only then I realized the knock that I didn’t hear could’ve been my brother in law. He never rings the doorbell. Good surprise for Aidan and myself. We got to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 🙂

I didn’t let Aidan finish the movie as it was already 9.30pm. Sent him to bed. About ten minutes later, I heard him making some noises from the room but couldn’t quite catch what because I had the headphone on, watching SVU. Wilkin told me that Aidan was crying. Surprised, I went to him and asked what happened.

Eye pain pain. Pointing to his right temple.

I was alarmed. Could children his age get headache? I asked again, he repeated. Not satisfied, I switched on the lights and checked. There was a small gash to the corner of his right eye.

OMIGOSH! What happened?

Hit there. Just pointing over his head.

Where? Here? Me pointing to his headboard.


Here? Me pointing to the heater.

No. Window.

My guess was he was trying to see and fix what the noise was all about. It was very windy outside, and the window may have rattled. I hope I won’t see a bruise tomorrow morning. But I am ecstatic that I was able to understand what he was trying to tell me!

Am so pleased.