So is my blog.

We have been out and about which lead me to spending more money. What I don’t see, I don’t buy, but when it comes to sales, it is something I cannot resist.

Nothing much to write on, except on a positive note that my friend commented she noticed Aidan has grown taller (again!) and it has been only a month when she saw him last month during the dumpling festival. Yep. I was just commenting to another friend a couple of days ago that I bought a pair of corduroy pants for this winter, only it couldn’t see itself through the season. It is ‘hanging’ on Aidan now. I guess I should be looking forward to him wearing school uniforms next year! Thank goodness I didn’t have a daughter, otherwise more money will have to be spent, with their cute designs and all. Who can resist that?!

For now, I have to keep my hands in my pocket. No swiping cards unnecessarily till the end of the week. Bracing myself for the next credit card bill.