I have been trying to get Aidan to have his long overdue haircut again. The last time we did it was he agreed to let me cut, only to leave a bad experience for him, because the trimmer I have hadn’t been oiled, and hair got caught in it, causing him pain.

Today, I told him if he wants to go in an aeroplane to go see Kay and Yan (his two nieces) he will need one. He was almost in tears, but was okay when Shirley used the scissors instead of trimmer. Dad requested for a tail for Aidan. I was like…. Whhaa..??! Naturally he wasn’t happy when he didn’t spot a tail when we came home. So….


And after.

My handsome boy 😛

And eversince this haircut, he has been pestering us to take him to the airport, sit on an aeroplane, and go see Kay Kay and Yan Yan. I did promise didn’t I? But he doesn’t quite understand when August is.