I wrote about getting a kit for Aidan to learn on going to the loo and wiping the bottom about two months ago.

A week down that track and three more weeks after that, he has been wasting toilet papers, mainly just pulling it long and chucking them down the toilet bowl. He copped a few from me, whenever he thought I wasn’t looking.  So I had to reinforce the message Wee wee use one paper, poo poo tear only two at a time. After some drumming in, I think he finally got the message, and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief again on seeing the toilet roll still survived after three days.

Recently I thought I haven’t actually seen him doing his poo, and was getting worried if he was constipated. But there were numerous occasion where he cleaned himself up, which is great. Still, being a mar fan mother, I fretted over the thought if he did, indeed cleaned himself properly. So yesterday when he told me I want to go tooiilet, I said to him to tell me when he was done. He did. Automatically, I reached for the toilet paper, and pulled three squares, and told him to bend down. I know, what the heck for, right?! I shouldn’t be going backwards! He was doing so well! Anyway, that wasn’t the issue.

Mama! (pointing to toilet paper) Two! Only two!!

Jar dou.