I was at work last night talking to my colleague comparing our kinders and it made me realize I have the best one for Aidan (let me know if yours is better!).

When Aidan was in three year old kinder last year, Mrs. Lu was most supportive. Now that he is in the second year, both teachers and all three assistants are, should I say again, the best ones I have known. The directress, Mrs. McIvor, has been monitoring Aidan’s progress and I am grateful to get feedbacks from her and Mrs. Staffieri. They are firm with the children when necessary but under no circumstance have I seen them losing their cool. I have been blessed with knowing nice people. Even when Aidan was at occasional care, the carers there were excellent too.

Not so when my colleague told me that her son’s teacher told him to Get out of my office when he tried to approach her. No one at home says this, and they do not have an office at home. Children mimics most accurately, so where do you think this five year old got it from? Unlike mine who offers me extended hours when it becomes available, hers didn’t even get back to her when she knew there was a vacant spot, as she is one of the committee members. Her son has reached the point where he prefers staying at home rather than going to kindy. There were other issues as well. It is important that ‘school’ is fun, and that children look forward to learning with interest, but if this happens, especially when it comes from a teacher, when she should be supporting the little learners, it may cause negative impacts.

I wonder, why become a kinder teacher when one doesn’t like working with children? So why, did my colleague stick on? It’s not as simple as switching schools. Not easy to find another one available in the middle of the year, plus uprooting her son from his kinder and friends will be the last resort only if really necessary.

I am glad my gut feelings was working well, that I made the right choice after narrowing down to three kinders two years ago.