One of the little girl at kinder with Aidan will be going away for the rest of the year and Mrs. McIvor asked me today if I am interested in sending Aidan to a full day kinder on Tuesdays starting next term. That will be from 8.45am till 3.15pm.

She has been the dearest directress who has been looking out for me on Aidan’s progress, and I know she is thinking that it will do Aidan good with the full day, in transition and sort of getting him ready for next year’s Prep. That would be great, for him to familiarize with longer hours in ‘school’, and hmm….. for me to muck around, and see what I can do by myself for six full hours! That’s training for me too for next year! For sure I won’t be in a hurry to look for an extra job during Term One.

Also I was happy to know that I can let Aidan bring yogurt or fruit puree, instead of his usual cheese stick. I was wondering when he will get tired of the same thing every day. At least now he can have different snacks daily.