It was kinder duty for me this morning, second time for this term. It is really interesting to see how the children have progressed, and naturally (secretly), as a mother, I am bound to compare Aidan and the others.

It is not that I do not have confidence in my son, but I have expected his peers to know more than he does. Therefore, I was surprised to find that there are many of them who still weren’t sure of the names of shapes, especially the rectangle. I admit it is a hard one to remember, but that led me thinking, so do these parents sit down and spend some time with their children reading a book?

There was one boy who particularly interest me. He was the typical stubborn type. He refused to come to the table when I called out for him, and when he did, after the instruction of the teacher, he actually did a very good job. Part of my responsibility was when the cut and paste the shapes, I need them to tell me the names e.g. circle, square, triangle and rectangle. This boy said ‘button’ when I pointed to the circle and ‘box’ when I pointed to the square. Talk about thinking outside the box! He may be one stubborn nut head, but I think he will do good. Also, he could be a good bully, because that was exactly what he did to some friends and Aidan.

I was there to witness today, Aidan being pushed by this boy, not the one that I mentioned earlier in my posts. This time, Aidan turned around, faced him, and he said STOP! with his palm facing out. Immediately the teacher praised Aidan for that and she excitedly turned around and asked me Did you see that?

Did I see that? I was as proud as a peacock because my message got through! As for the boy, with his care less attitude, said something and went to take a seat at the back of the class.

What a mixture in a class. Some loud, some timid, some silly, some stubborn, some assertive, some unsure. Am I ready for Aidan’s prep next year? Sigh, no, but bring it on. We’ll tackle it heads on.