This is what I have been giving Aidan for the past two weeks, replacing his full cream milk. It’s organic, gluten free and lactose free.  Made from brown rice, it tastes a little like soy milk, only lighter. 

Light it is, as it isn’t that sustainable, and Aidan gets hungry quicker compared to his old milk. I haven’t started Aidan on a strict gluten/casein free diet, but like I mentioned before, I am trying to change and cut down on whatever I can. He hasn’t had milk since then, apart from his two scoops of formula for that vanilla taste.

Yesterday we were at Hungry Jacks, and I had a cup of Oreo Storm, which was basically dairy ice-cream mixed with bits of Oreos, that came with a value meal. Our little friend took a tasting to it, I though what the heck, might as well let him have some, since he is still eating cheese, and you should have seen the way he was eating it. It was as if he was craving for the taste of full cream, deprived of it (that is true!) and was licking the cup clean, holding it upside down for the last drop! 

I felt guilty for one moment, but thought again, I have to start somewhere. Might as well wean him off some things now rather than going cold turkey on him after our trip to Malaysia. That will be disastrous to us all. It is known that a child will suffer ‘withdrawal symptoms’ if started on this diet fully, and becomes hyperactive, throwing tantrums and is basically difficult to deal with.

As for myself, I have resorted to small packs of long-life full cream milk for my morning coffee fixes. Each pack lasts three to four drinks. More expensive in the long run, but what the heck, I can’t take Wilkin’s non-fat skinny milk. It’s just tasteless and watery. Yucks! How can one enjoy coffee this way, I never cease to wonder.