Updating on the post below, I told the teacher and she said it was one of the boys but didn’t name who. I guess it’s their policy to protect the identities. I understand that and I told her I am not angry at who did it, but more of wanting to know what actually happened.

Incident like this is unavoidable, and bound to happen eventually in school life. Heck, I’ve been bullied myself and I bullied someone as well.

Today, she told me that it happened again, but this time Aidan only cried for a while, and was okay after that. What she saw was this boy pulling at Aidan’s leg when Aidan was climbing up a wall of ropes, and Aidan was laughing. The next thing she saw was this boy clobbering Aidan with his hat. When intervened, the boy told the teacher that Aidan kicked him.

Walking towards our car, I asked him if he was hit on the head, and he said yes. I asked who, and this time he told me the name. The same one! (One of the two he mentioned) Since I have gotten the ‘picture’ from the teacher earlier, I was able to put the pieces together, when he said *Name*, let me go. Let me go! I guess he was climbing, the boy pulling at his leg. He would have kicked around, and probably kicked the boy instead? I know Aidan wouldn’t do that intentionally. How could he have avoided that when he was being ‘attacked’ while he was hanging on to dear life at the top of the ropes? So that was why the boy clobbered him.

Anyway, I taught him, if that happens again next time, say Don’t! Stop hitting! and tell the teacher. Well, just read the related story here.

Aidan is such a gentle giant, I am indeed worried on how he will cope with rough kids in school next year, and the years to come. He is a sensitive child, and gets upset easily if other people, except for myself and Wilkin, raise their voices, even if it’s not directly at him.

It will be a long road ahead. And we will face it when the day comes.