I notice Aidan has had a little setback for the past week. He was just so ‘all over the place’ and unfocused. Session with the speech therapist wasn’t good either. She asked one question, he will be ‘somewhere else’ and wanting us to join his cue. That is so not on.

After reading some books and doing some ‘research’ online, I decided to change his diet a little bit. I know it is best all or nothing, but it is quite impossible for us to change it completely as we eat out often, and at my in-laws. Still, anything is better than nothing. Today I have gone berserk with shopping for food and changing my pantry. Where possible, it will be gluten free / casein free diet for Aidan. That means wheat free and dairy free. Pretty difficult right?

I have given him his first rice milk tonight instead of full cream, masked by his two scoops of powder formula (I know! It’s milk!) because he loves the creamy vanilla taste. He seems okay with that. The flour that I use for chinese cooking has been tossed out and replaced with one of those wheat/gluten/GMO/egg/milk/yeast free ones. And the soya sauce, no more Kikkoman, but another salt-reduced wheat free preparation. Needless to say, from now on, his pasta and snacks will be from the health food section.

I find ORGRAN has a wide range of products that I need, although I can tell you the Outback animal biscuits are tasteless, heh. Well, what do you expect? Other than that, I will be getting free-range eggs, preferable organic, just for him. Compare this. The eggs we normally eat, $2.70 a dozen. Organic free-range = $8.00 a dozen, approximately. Then he is still on his Efalex, and I’ve just started him on Inner Health powder for kids. The good bacteria stuff. Homeopath appointment in two weeks’ time.

Gosh. Please tell me what else I haven’t done?